Sweet Dreams is proud to honor and memorialize some of the wonderful pets that have recently passed away.

Please contact us if you would like to post photos and a brief message in memory of your pet.

*Photos can be sent to: info@SweetDreamsMyPet.com
*Submit photos in JPG format, no more than 12, low-res format if possible (640 x 480).
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In Memory of Esme

Over 18 years ago I went to a shelter event intending to adopt an older cat. As I walked through the kennels, you grabbed my leg. I looked down to see a small bundle of black fur. After giving you a pet, I walked on through the rest of the kennels as I didn't intend to adopt a kitten. On my way out, you grabbed my leg again and this time I realized that you were the one I was supposed to bring home.

You were mischievous, opinionated, and loved to play fetch. You charmed every human you met and was queen to your feline siblings. I am thankful that brought you home that day and had so many wonderful years with you. And I am grateful that Sweet Dreams made your passing peaceful. .

You are missed!

Jennifer Greene


16 years ago an angel named Stellar entered my life. I had no intentions of adopting a pet that day, but having never been to an animal shelter, I was curious.

From a tiny cage of the Cobb County animal shelter I heard her cry while I was holding another kitten just two cages away. She was climbing the cage trying to get to me. She was so so tiny. I pulled her out and she immediately climbed up my arm and sat on my shoulder like a tiny fuzzy black parrot. That was the moment I fell in love.

She was the runt of the litter and had been brought alone to the shelter. Having just turned 8 weeks old that day she was adoption ready, but unfortunately I had not brought any kind of payment with me. The lady at the front asked me if I promised to give her a loving home to which I replied yes. Unbelievably they just gave her to me free of charge. She was the greatest gift I have ever received.

No words can describe the joy that little girl brought into my life. It's hard to convey the bond we shared between us. Stellar was my heart-faced kitten, my child, my rock, my little peanut, my baby girl. She was present for 16 years of the ups & downs of my life. Through marriage, divorce, moving 6 times in 6 years, and all the wonderful, beautiful times in between, she was there.

From the time she was a tiny kitten, each and every night, she would stuff a toy in her mouth, whatever her favorite toy was at the time, and walk around singing. She was adorable & silly. She never once bit me, scratched me, or hissed at me. She also had the most remarkable way of always smelling like a mix of flowers and candy. She loved having her rose petal ears rubbed & stroking her nose would put her to sleep. Her favorite place was on a porch or by an open window. She greeted me as I walked in the door every day. She woke me every morning with whisker kisses, head boops, or jumping on my pillow just enough to bounce my head awake. She sat with her arms crossed like a proper little lady and every time she walked on her tippy toes, my heart would melt.

When we lost Talon last year Stellar grieved with me. I had never before witnessed an animal mourn. Her pain was very real and noticeable as she all but stopped grooming herself and would not leave my side for weeks. But together we healed.

Over the past year her health faded and her tiny 5 lb body began to fail. Her suffering was becoming apparent and hyperthyroidism guaranteed that her suffering would rapidly get worse. Letting her go was the hardest, most painful decision I have ever made.

On Thursday morning I said goodbye to my precious little girl. I held her and kissed her and rubbed her little ears & she purred until the very end. As soon as her little heart stopped beating she didn't smell like Stellar anymore. That's when I knew her little soul had floated away.

My heart aches for her. The pain is unreal. 16 years she has blessed me with her presence and I'm not yet sure how to cope without it. I am uncertain of what will replace my morning routine, evening routine, my excited to get home to see her & love on her routine, and every routine in between.

I thought writing this might bring me some comfort and help me heal. But, I also want everyone to know how special she was, how much she was loved, and how much she is missed. :broken_heart:

Stellar – Forever in my heart.

Thank you to Sweet Dreams for helping me to say goodbye at home and for allowing me to let my baby go while surrounded by a love and compassion.

Love, Valerie DeMarco

Sweet PeaSweet Pea

We sure are going to miss our girl. Sweet Pea found us around 1999 or 2000 and so we believe she was over 18 years old when Sweet Dreams helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge today. We spotted her running down the center of 575 and had to pull into the median to see what was going on. She hopped right in our car and that was that! She was named Sweet Pea because there is a little circle on top of her head. We believe she had some Basenji in the mix as she liked to yodel when she heard sirens. She could hear the UPS truck from miles away and would race through the house to get outside and let it know she meant business. She has been a part of our family through many firsts, ups and downs, the births of our children, the loss of family and friends. And she has always been the spunky and hard-headed girl who ran the show. She has been suffering for a while and we have known the time was coming when we needed to let her go - even though we wanted to have her here forever. Sweet Dreams allowed us to do this in such a beautiful way and with great care and love. Thank you for all of the compassion you showed to us and to our sweet girl. We will never forget this gift at such a difficult time. You are Angels!

Chris & Jennifer Paire

Celebrating Daisy

Daisy came to live with us in 2002 just past her puppy stage of life. She was rescued by Sheltie Rescue of Georgia. She passed away today after giving us 16+ years of love and devotion. I will be forever grateful to God for letting us have her for so long.

She looked like a small Lassie, but had the heart of a Catahoula Leopard dog that was a major part of her DNA. A natural athlete, Daisy could jump over a six-foot fence in her youth. She was our most mischievous and cunning fur baby. She would plan her raids when treats were left too close to the edge of the counter. Silently she would enjoy the treat and then hide the wrapper when no one was watching. If Daisy alerted to something on a night walk, you could be sure that something was there. She was very alert to any possible danger. For her 36 pound size was exceptionally strong. She pulled me over and I went grass surfing at our first Sheltie Rescue meeting at the ranch near Ball Ground in 2003.

She would start her morning by greeting me and then laying in my home office. My wife was her favorite though. If Daisy thought that things were getting too romantic between us, she would intervene and chase me away. Daisy was also and artist. She would use her paw to make elaborate drawings in the carpet of our bedroom. We have always believed that there were messages there that we just could not interpret. She often slept in our bed at night if the mood struck her. Daisy did not allow strangers to touch her. But, she loved her other pack members and protected all of us.

She will be missed as are all the other wonderful animal friends that God has sent to us. My faith tells me that I will see her again. Perhaps when my day comes, and I am wandering in a strange place, Daisy will come and lead me home. I pray so.

Louis & Ellie Bond

In Memory of Bono

Bono was named after the U2 singer. He picked me to be his human/servant and I had that title for 16 years. Sadly, his body was failing and Sweet Dreams helped him cross over that rainbow bridge where I am sure he was met by my late husband.

Sandra Meierhofer
College Park, Ga

In Memory of Elsa

Elsa was hell on wheels all her life. 17 years of pure joy and love and at times my peace and saving grace. I love you baby girl. You are so missed.

In Memory of Sanford

Sanford has been with us for 12.5 great years. She has been with us through our first apartment, 3 houses, 3 children, and 2 states. She was very loved! She has been many places with us, and she sure put up with me dressing her up all the time! We will miss her more than you can imagine. She was a Damn Good Dawg! Rest In Peace sweet Sanford. Chase golf balls in heaven!

Love, Ansley, Zack, Madeline, Cooper, and Sydney Beadle

In Memory of Buddy

In Loving Memory of Buddy
We miss you so much, Buddy. Our hearts are filled with such deep sorrow that it is almost too much to bear. We keep going on day to day by reliving your funny and quirky moments. Your love for chasing squirrels and salamanders and despise of UPS delivery men and helicopters will always be just a small part of our joyful memories of you. You loved your Mommy so much that everyone joked about the "two foot rule"...you would never let me be more than 2 feet away from you. You would go to the ends of the earth to protect me and I will never, ever forget that.
With deepest love, our baby boy,

Dawn, Dan and Amanda Tomkiewicz

In Memory of Callie

My feisty and charming Calico Kitty was lulled to sleep by Sweet Dreams on December 3 2016. Callie was sixteen in November. She had battled kidney disease for over a year, but I was so hoping to keep her a while longer. Bandit and I have a huge hole in our heart. I did not know there were so many tears in me.

Brenda Silver

In Memory of Kit

Remembering the sweetest, most lovable cat, Kit. I sat on the couch, she sat on the couch next to me, I came home, she met me every time at the front door (like a dog!), I went to bed, she slept on the pillow next to me, I took a shower, she sat and waited until I was finished. So sweet, such a companion who gave us 16 years of great memories.

Kit, you are sorely missed.

Anne Olson
Dunwoody, Ga

In Memory of Duchess

(12/7/2004-9/7/2016) - My big, beautiful girl. We miss you so much. I feel such sorrow at your absence but such joy at your memory. I know you are in my heart because I can feel you. Until we meet again, sweet Duchess.

In Memory of Noah Bell

RIP Noah Bell (2001-2016)~~Tonight we had to say goodbye to our beloved fur baby. A part of my soul has been taken away and my heart is broken into a million pieces. Noah was my "First" baby, my best friend, our loyal companion, a comedian, gentle giant and everyone's buddy. He was there for me at my lowest parts of my life and there at the highest. His thick, chocolate fur has caught many tears from both those times of my life as Noah would try to lick them off my face before dropping on his fur. There will always be an emptiness in my heart. I love you so much and thank you for all you gave me.

I can't wait until the day I see you again and you run straight towards me and I get to hold you in my arms and get tons of slobbery kisses. We were together until the very end. His big, Grey head and face laid on my lap, once again tears landing on his soft, chocolate fur, but this time I cried for Noah...to finally not be in anymore pain. This was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Thank you Noah for the bright light you brought into my life. You will live in our minds and hearts forever. I already miss you and I hurt, so much, for losing you. I promise there are lots of cookies and footballs in Doggy heaven. I'm glad we got to spend the day together going for a car ride and Noah sticking his head out the window as his face and ears hit the wind. He had a small walk and a NY Strip steak. We love you Forever and ever Noah! We will see you again.

In Memory of Kelly

It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye yesterday to our beloved Kelly. She has been in our family for 13 years and will be missed more than words can express. We love you Kelly

Rachel Raven

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Taking time to Grieve
Losing a pet can be similar to losing a family member.
It is not an easy thing to experience and grieving is necessary. Everyone is different in their grieving process and I encourage families to allow everyone in the family to grieve differently.

Take time to grieve the special relationship you had with your pet. Some people spend more time with their pet than extended family members and friends, so treat the loss accordingly.

One suggestion is to plant a flowering perennial in honor of your pet. Every spring, when the plant blooms, you can be reminded of your loved pet.
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