Sweet Dreams is proud to honor and memorialize some of the wonderful pets that have recently passed away.

Please contact us if you would like to post photos and a brief message in memory of your pet.

*Photos can be sent to: info@SweetDreamsMyPet.com
*Submit photos in JPG format, no more than 12, low-res format if possible (640 x 480).
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In Memory of Priscilla

Dr. Crowder, I wanted to thank you again for your compassion as we said goodbye to Priscilla a few weeks ago. I truly appreciate how you and Erica were so patient and kind to us.

I am thinking about volunteering to help animals to help fill the void until we are ready to add a new member to our family. Do you have any recommendations of organization that need volunteers for dogs in the Cobb County area?

Thank you again and take care,

Melissa Steiger

In Memory of Dixie

Today we had to say goodbye to our beautiful and majestic German Shepherd. She was a devoted and loyal friend whose absence will leave a huge fuzzy hole in my heart. I will miss her giant presence and her loving gentle nature. Thank you Dixie for your love and devotion and for all your big wet kisses, you will be greatly missed Big Girl.

Cheryl Daugherty

In Memory of Romeo

Romeo, my 14 year old male Pug, who died two months short of his 15th birthday was an amazing companion and friend. He was loyal til the end. He taught me what unconditional love is all about. I've had him since I was a teenager. He's been with me through my dating years, through my marriage, through the birth of my 3 kids, through our move from Miami to Atlanta, and just basically has been a big part of my life for almost as far back as I can remember.

Thank You Sweet Dreams for being there and helping my sweet Romeo to drift off to sleep into a "Sweet Dream." You are appreciated more than you know!

Jennifer De Soto
In Memory of Kasey

Saying goodbye to our 11 year old dobie, Kasey was a very sad day. He was a gentle giant with such a sweet nature. We miss him so much, not a day goes by we don't think of him.

Thank you Kasey for being the best loving friend to us! And thank you Sweet Dreams for being there and letting my baby boy drift into dobie heaven.

Marty Simpson

In Memory of Jessi

I rescued Jessi from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (Virginia) when she was 1-year old back in 1998. When I visited with her in a side room before the adoption, she came up and bumped me with her cute little face -- I melted. She was my snuggle buddy, a definite people-cat, very curious about everything, and one of my friends even called her a dog in cat's clothing. She always wanted to be where I was and loved my lap most of all. If I slept on my side at night, she would either lay on my hip or curl up as close to me as she could. She would give me kisses with her little sandpaper tongue which I tried to endure because she was so cute! She & her sister, Mahli, have been my family since I never married or had children of my own, so hopefully time will help replace this incredible pain with wonderful memories. My heart aches for my sweet baby, but I know that she is out of pain now.

Krista Pezold

In Memory of Madeline
9/2/1995 - 9/2/2012

You were my sweet Miss Madge for nine years, and I'll always cherish the joy you brought into my life. Whether it was chasing squirrels, chewing on Enzadents, or just laying with us on the couch. I took you everywhere, and it made me realize what a true companion you were and what unconditional love feels like. You were rescued by Trippletime Whippets, and I adopted you. You were lost in the woods for 10 days, and I found you. You were going downhill fast, and I had to let you go. We're still in shock at the loss and are mindlessly wandering the house thinking that you'll be where you've always been. But you're not. We have to believe you're in heaven now, waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge.

We'll always love and miss you - D. J., Cameron, Monkey, Dexter, Miss Abby, and Sock Monkey.

D. J. Stavropoulos
In Memory of Ewok

A big, beautiful boy-cat warmed the hearts of family and friends. Even visitors who insisted that they 'didn't like cats' loved Ewok. He loved people and knew how to charm his way into a back rub or game of fishing pole. He comforted my Mom in her last days on earth. Ewok loved to snuggle. We took the best naps together on our recliner. The easiest adult-rescue ever, Ewok joined us during a horrible snow storm in Erie, PA. Named after the heroes of Star Wars, Ewok helped with kittens and cats until the last litter fostered three years ago. He kept the peace and nuzzled frightened newcomers. Ewok often sat alongside his dish of food and let other cat-babies eat first. Of course, he knew he would never go hungry.

He joins his best pal, Bootes, who died of mammary cancer last year. I will deeply and truly miss his companionship and beauty.

Loretta Ann Cardinale

In Memory of Sky

Sky was my soulmate and greatest teacher of love.  She was my home, my safe haven, my unconditional bliss, my comfort, my peace.  She needed me and I needed her.  We fought heart failure for six months to stay together as long as possible.  I miss her every day and I will love her forever, my sweet baby and the love of my life.

Jeanne Johnson

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Taking time to Grieve
Losing a pet can be similar to losing a family member.
It is not an easy thing to experience and grieving is necessary. Everyone is different in their grieving process and I encourage families to allow everyone in the family to grieve differently.

Take time to grieve the special relationship you had with your pet. Some people spend more time with their pet than extended family members and friends, so treat the loss accordingly.

One suggestion is to plant a flowering perennial in honor of your pet. Every spring, when the plant blooms, you can be reminded of your loved pet.
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