COVID-19 update
Sweet Dreams is currently seeing patients. In order to continue seeing patients, we are asking clients to be flexible and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Please alert our staff if you are ill or have tested positive for COVID.

We are no longer requiring our clients to wear face masks. Our staff may arrive wearing face masks, however at your request, face masks will be worn.

We would also love to bring back our hugs, however this is very personal for all!
Please know that we do care about you and your family and we are doing our best so that we can continue to provide this very important service. Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns.

Ending your pet's pain and suffering is the kindest gift you can give, and in the comfort of your own home.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Atlanta, GA Sweet Dreams

Your pet has been there for you through your toughest days, and although it is a painful decision to make, in-home pet euthanasia is often the kindest gift you can give to your pet. In fact, putting your dog or cat to sleep is an end to their pain and suffering.

If your pet experiences fear and anxiety when they visit the vet's office, you may understandably not want to put them to sleep in such a stressful place. Sweet Dreams In-Home Pet Euthanasia offers a more intimate and peaceful alternative by providing thoughtful, caring pet euthanasia at home that may better suit your unique needs.
Sweet Dreams serves all of Metro Atlanta, and we even extend our services into the north Georgia mountain communities. Please note that some areas do have a nominal travel fee, so please get in touch with us first for more information if you require our end of life pet care services.

How We Help

Serving the greater Atlanta area since 2008.

Guidance in helping you make the right decision for your pet, which is not always euthanasia.

Exams and consultations prior to pet euthanasia.

Euthanasia in your home. During our visit you will receive a clay paw print for remembrance.

Helpful information regarding the loss of your pet and the grieving process that follows.

Cremation/burial options and services. There are several options available which we will discuss prior to our visit.

We have relationships with several veterinary clinics in the area and are happy to communicate any necessary information with your veterinarian.