Testimonials from Pet Parents

We are honored to help people give their pets the last best gift: A peaceful, dignified passing at home--a place of love and comfort. The gratitude of the many pet parents we have served is an immense gift in itself, and we would like to share their kind words below.



February 24, 2024

It’s been an incredibly difficult start to 2024 for us. Our grand puppy (Summit) had been staying with us for over one year. He became very ill with liver disease on January 2 and we have no idea what caused it. Everything our vet tried didn’t help him and we made the tough decision to put him to sleep on February 9. He wasn’t eating or drinking as it made him sick. He was only 5 years old. We heard about in-home euthanasia and found Sweet Dreams online. I knew it was going to be the right decision to use their service from the moment I first spoke to them. The care they showed made me feel confident they would made it as comfortable of a process as possible. They explained exactly what would happen and what to expect. Dr. Mercier and Blair were very caring and empathetic. They explained the process again and asked what they could do to make it easier for us and Summit. We were able to hold him and talk to him as he fell asleep with the sedative. The next step was quick and painless. It was a very emotional day but I’m so grateful for the way Sweet Dreams helped us through it. Thank you so much for providing this service!

Doug & Molly, Canton


February 21, 2024

We lost our sweetest boy last week on 2/13/24 at 1145 am. Dr. HIll and her staff at Sweet Dreams were amazing on one of the most difficult days for my family. Timmy was the best friend and brother to my two sons, he was my hiking partner, walking partner, hanging with me at the house partner. Timmy and I hiked through most of North Georgia he loved chasing squirrels, jumping in creek beds and just spending time with all of us. We all agree that he was the very heart of our family, he was so sweet, fun, adventurous, compassionate, and made our lives better. He is missed every day and I know there will never be another dog that will replace that special relationship he had growing up with my sons (who are now 22 and 16) . He became sick very quickly and truly suffered his last few days, letting him go was the hardest good-bye but we could not allow him to suffer any longer. Thank you sweet dreams for helping us make this hard day peaceful. We are forever grateful for your compassion and service.

Victoria Umstead, Roswell


February 20, 2024

Bre and staff were absolutely amazing. The kindness and compassion shown during the difficult situation was beyond remarkable. Their gentleness and kindness towards our Sweet Ashley and us was so appreciated. You can't go wrong with this group. They go above and beyond to help. 🙂 We feel they are angels sent down from heaven.

Jennifer Ashcraft, Douglasville


February 19, 2024

Ruby, my eleven year old Shih Tzu was sick with stage 4 kidney failure. We had done everything we could over the last few months to give her the best quality of life. Friday we spoke to her vet and she explained that there was nothing else we could do, and they recommended Sweet Dreams. I called and the sweetest woman answered the phone, she heard me crying and let me take all the time I needed. I wanted to make sure they would travel to Ellijay and they did. We called back later that evening to make plans for the next day. The same woman I spoke to remembered me and helped me through the next steps. The team arrived Saturday just as they explained, and they were the absolute best. Having this done in the comfort of our home, in her favorite bed made this so much more peaceful for our pup. I wish this is something as pet parents we would never have to do, but in this time of need Sweet Dreams was the best decision we could have made.

Noelle G, Ellijay


February 16, 2024

On December 13, 2023, Sweet Dreams came to my house to help my 19 (almost 20) year old kitty fur baby, Gibson, cross the Rainbow Bridge. He had battled chronic kidney disease for several years and the prior week his kidneys began failing. He stopped eating, was hardly drinking any water and was no longer able to use the litterbox. I was blessed to have him in my life for almost 20 years, but his quality of life was no longer there (he was just existing, not living) and I didn't want him to suffer any longer. I want to sincerely thank Dr. Whitlock, technician Stacie and the receptionist who took my calls at Sweet Dreams. Everyone was wonderful, caring, and compassionate through the entire process. I'm so glad my little guy got to cross over in the comfort of home (next to me on the couch). I miss Gibson, but he is my angel fur baby now. I highly recommend Sweet Dreams for any pet parent who has to make this very difficult decision. It's never easy but you always want to do what's best for your pets (your 4-legged children). Thank you Sweet Dreams!

Donna Forman, Duluth


January 21, 2024

Saying goodbye to our sweet honey has been one of the hardest things we have ever done. She was a good dog as her name fit her perfectly. Sweet Dreams provided a peaceful, calming transition from her earthly home here with us to her heavenly fields. While, selfishly, we will miss her we have peace knowing her last moments were filled with compassion and love.

Sarah & Jay Burger, Dallas


January 18, 2024

Our precious was 14 and half years old when she left us. I said that we rescued her but we rescued eachother. She was the most amazing addition to our family and we miss her everyday. I am so thankful for sweet dreams, our family was able to say goodbye to her in the comfort of her own home. ❤️

Brooke M & Juha S, Winder


January 17, 2024

Sutphin and Leann were incredibly sympathetic and professional. The receptionists were patient and caring, and provided quite a bit of detail of all the happenings. They kept us up to date on the scheduling, and even let us know much more exactly when they would be around. They very much cared about our family member, and offered numerous times for us to contact if we needed anything, When they showed up, they gave us as much time as we needed, and ensured that we had everything the way we wanted. They made a difficult time easier for us, and we think our pup. I hope you don't ever have to go through it, but if you do, I would recommend them to anyone.

Joel Rabanal, Kennesaw


January 3, 2024

This is the second time we've used Sweet Dreams for our pets. I had a terrible experience in the vet's office with my 18yr old cat and best friend, so when I found out about in-home services, I knew this was the right path. Our first experience with Sweet Dreams for our dog Molly was so lovely there was no other option in our mind this time around. We tell everyone about Sweet Dreams.

This time, our beloved Flossie Girl was starting to fail. We had kept other pets alive longer than we should have for our benefit, so we wanted to ensure that this time we did this before the pain. It's a heartbreaking decision, especially when your pet has "good days." We had an appointment scheduled but once our kids found out it was before Christmas, they asked us to wait until after. Sweet Dreams was very understanding. We then decided the day before to switch locations, nearly an hour away, they were understanding. Even on the day we asked them to come to the beach instead of the cabin, since that's where Flossie loved to be. There was a mix-up in communication from the office to the staff - and they went in the wrong direction, but still made it to the beach. I can't imagine the stress of being "ready" but then being told - we'll have to reschedule. Sweet Dreams went out of their way to ensure we still could have service during all of our changes. Incredibly gracious and kind - I never felt stressed or like I was putting them out.

Dr. Quinlan and Stacy were the sweetest people on the planet, treating our girl with as much love and care as we do. Dr. Quinlan talked us through what would be happening calmly, ensured we were ready, never rushed us, and had such a relaxing presence that made it much easier. Stacy asked a few questions about our fluffball and gave a couple of funny anecdotes on her own, that took us out of the deep sadness and pain if only for a moment. The little things matter - a sweet blanket to take away your pet, the way they approached our girl and petted her, the way they lifted her, etc. Empathy and care are not something you can teach and it takes a VERY special kind of person and doctor to be able to handle the pet as well as the grieving family (and in less than an ideal environment/surroundings). You also feel taken care of in addition to your pet.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to the Sweet Dreams team, and how lucky we are to have found them. Thank you for everything.

Brooke M & Juha S, Winder


January 2, 2024

Helping Athena to cross the Rainbow Bridge was one of the hardest decisions we had to make, and we are still devastated and heartbroken.. but Dr Quinlan and Addie were there for us, and that is priceless. Their compassion, their understanding, and their humane (and professional) approach made the terrible experience a little less terrible. Thank you Sweet Dreams, you helped us when we needed you the most!

-Analia Benedetti, Johns Creek



December 30, 2023

We are so incredibly grateful to Sweet Dreams for helping us let go of our beloved Bootsy. I could not imagine a better doctor than Dr. Quinlan to help us through such a difficult time. His knowledge and experience gave us invaluable peace of mind while his calming and compassionate nature eased our hearts in a way that I can’t possibly describe, there just aren’t words. Our experience from the initial phone call to the post appointment care was better than we could have hoped for.

Tere N, Atlanta


December 29, 2024

My in-laws were here when it was 17 year old Marley's time. We were all impressed by Dr. Crowder's and Bre's kindness and professionalism at such a sad time. What a gift for Marley to pass right from his bed in our den.

Jodie Davis, Woodstock


November 22, 2023

I couldn't have asked for a better experience for our sweet Inny. The vet techs were so knowledgeable and kind and patient with our family as we said our goodbyes. I highly recommend that if you have to make this tough decision, you choose SweetDreams.

Tana M Sumner, Peachtree City


November 20, 2023

Our beautiful Siberian Husky, Libby, was fifteen years old and was absolute joy for us. Having to make the hard decision to euthanize our beloved fur baby was not one to be taken lightly. Libby had been an important member and leader of our "pack" during her years. She always had her tail held high as she paraded around the yard, letting the entire community know she was on guard for anything that wasn't just right. In the last few days, it was obvious to us that Libby had reached the final stages and was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Whitlock, Page and the staff with Sweet Dreams led us through the complete process with compassion and kindness. We appreciate the heartfelt support and the professionalism of the entire team during this trying time for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Clark and Sharon Lamb, Senoia


November 18, 2023

That unfortunate day came when we knew that our precious Wrigley needed to transition to his eternal rest. While the reality was clear as he looked at us with a look that said he could not go on, the decision was not easy for us to execute.
Wrigley had been resting in the same location all day; the door bell rang at 5:15 and Dr. Quinlin and Addie walked through the door - they communicated compassion and understanding. There was no rush. They engaged us to share stories about Wrigley. They affirmed our decision and then patiently explained the process and it began. It was one of the most difficult things we have had to do with our Wrigley…. providing comfort as he took his final breath however, while difficult there is no other place we would have wanted it to take place. In our home, the only home Wrigley had known for his 12 years of life. The entire process was done with compassion and dignity and was beautiful. They removed him so carefully and tenderly. We truly felt that he was still surrounded with the utmost care and love even when he left our home. Our home is empty and we are deep in grief but we are thankful that the last step of Wrigley’s life leaves us with a continued sense of love and we are forever thankful for the services of Dr Quinlan, Addie and Victoria who walked with us. Thank you.

-Dave and Jeannette Bonselaar, Roswell


November 14, 2023

I have heard about how special the staff from Sweet Dreams is and how well they handle some of the hardest times we as pet owners have to experience. Well yesterday I walked thru that experience myself and I could not have asked for kinder more helpful “friends” to help me and my sweet Luna end her hardest last day peacefully. I am still very sad and miss my girl but if I had to say good bye, I am glad they were here to help it be as peaceful and sweet as it could be. They are special folks to understand the importance of these last days with our babies. Thank you Sweet Dreams, Joy Redwine

-Joy Redwine, Canton


November 1, 2023

I can't express enough the love and kindness Dr. Crowder and her assistant showed our little buddy Gus and I during this difficult process. Our buddy had cancer so this wasn't much of a decision for us but a must. In a matter of a day or two he had started hurting so badly. They sat with us on a blanket under one of his favorite trees outside and asked all about him and loved on him as they listened to my stories. They made a very hard situation a little easier. Just watching the love and respect they showed him before and after he was gone really touch my heart. Thank you so much ladies for your kindness and compassion on such a hard day and thank you sweet dreams for making it possible for our sweet boy to cross the rainbow bridge where he was most comfortable, at home.

-Debbie Heard, Ball Ground


October 31, 2023

When we learned that there was no viable treatment for our sweet Stella, I knew I wanted her to have the very best transition experience. Sweet Dreams was the perfect answer. Bre and Dr. Reily could not have made what was a devastating situation more comforting. They cared for our needs as well as Stella’s with great compassion and let us proceed when we were prepared. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any family who is facing this decision.

-Debbie and Tom Taylor, Woodstock


October 25, 2023

Hope this helps someone looking for the perfect team to help you and your family thru a very emotional time. Our sweet fur baby, Aspen, became sick the end of June this year and after emergency visit, she was diagnosed with Liver cancer. We chose not to do surgery since she was 10 1/2 years old and we just wanted to spend quality time with her. Unfortunately, we did not know how little time we had. We had gone to our holistic vet @happytailsholisticcare and they were wonderful with Aspen. So grateful, but by August her health had taken a downslope. I was at a visit at Happy Tails and my vet told me it would be a good idea to put her to rest before it got really bad. Such a hard decision to make and we prayed about it and decided to take her suggestion to do in home.

I had never heard of in-home care for animals and started researching. I happened to be driving by one of the places we were considering and I decided to stop in and get a feel for the staff. I could barely get words out as the sweet lady ask me if I needed help. I just started sobbing and she was so tender and comforting with me. We picked a date and I gathered the kids and my husband to be present for our sweet girls farewell. I cannot say enough about Dr. Crowder & Bre. God just knew who we needed that day. I am crying as I write this and it has been over 2 months. They came and loved on us and Aspen in those final hours and took the time to explain and walk us thru it. It was very sweet and peaceful and that is definitely what we needed. They went above and beyond to make it a sweet moment. It was so emotional to say good-bye and they comforted us thru it all. So blessed and thankful for Sweet Dreams. We miss her so much it hurts, but so grateful we had your support. You have definitely found the right team if you are reading this. Much love from the LaVignes

-Sherry Lavigne, Dallas


September 27, 2023

Thank you for taking such gentle care of our sweet girl Moxie. It is never an easy decision but knowing she is no longer in pain and running around with her buddy Jaeger helps. Our family thanks you for making a difficult situation as loving as possible.

-Susan Corley, Marietta


September 18, 2023

I have just now walked in from putting our sweet 6 year old Lab Behr in his final resting place on the 10 acres that he loved romping around with his companion Lab Ajax. Behr was suffering from a viciously recurrent soft tissue sarcoma that had been resected twice already and now coming back with a vengeance causing bowel and bladder obstruction and rupturing through the skin on his left buttocks the size of an orange. Knowing that there was no way forward without more suffering, my family made the decision to give Behr relief with euthanasia. Sweet Dreams was very responsive and did what they said they would do in terms of responsiveness and providing quality and sympathetic care. The staff who assisted us was fabulous and included Dr Craig Quinlan and his assistant Staci. Even though I was in the medical field, they both took great efforts to make sure that I was informed as to what would be done and that I was comfortable with it. They were also great with Behr and his long time companion Ajax who was present during the whole process, which was completely without pain or anxiety for either of them or myself as part of Behr's family. They did a wonderful job assisting me and my family with providing Behr with the rest and relief that he needed and deserved. It was a painless and comforting process from start to finish. If you are struggling with a similar decision for your pet, I can only say don't struggle over it any more and let Sweet Dreams help.

-David Johnson, MD, FACC, Gainesville


September 7, 2023

Thank you Dr. Quinlan and Kailyn for giving our beloved Nosey the gift of a gentle, peaceful, and dignified passing. Our experience was beautiful and perfect in every way. Now we are left with our memories and the realization that we made the right decision to end our sweet pet's suffering at home, without pain or fear, surrounded by those she loved. We are forever grateful to you and all the Sweet Dreams team. Pam and Mark

-Pam and Mark Sennet, Roswell


September 4, 2023

We had to unfortunately make the devastating decision to euthanize our sweet Sassy yesterday.s he was 17.5 years old and a huge part of our family. After canceling in December because we weren’t ready, and felt as if Sassy wasn’t either I knew to call them when she had a rapid decline. The staff was amazing and told us exactly what to expect. They asked about her and her life and didn’t act like she was just a dog. They made this terrible time bearable with their compassion and expertise with letting our baby leave us with dignity. We were able to let her pass surrounded by all of us who loved and adored her in the comfort of our home.

-Jessica Barnett, Moreland


September 3, 2023

I am so grateful for the services of Sweet Dreams. Our senior cat, Smoky, always exhibited such stress and anxiety whenever going to the vet, and he had to go quite a few times during the last month of his life. I couldn’t bear the thought of making that his last experience in life. When it became clear that it was time for him to leave us I called Sweet Dreams. Dr. Quinlan and Paige arrived the next day to help our Smoky go in comfort and surrounded with love. They walked into our home and immediately got down on the floor with him and played and petted and loved on him all the while reassuring us that we were doing the best thing for him and explaining exactly what would take place. Their compassion and kindness and knowledge made a very difficult time much easier. Smoky received the peaceful ending he so deserved. I am most thankful these services are available. Thank you Dr. Quinlan, Paige and all the wonderful people at Sweet Dreams. What a wonderful organization you are!

-Susan Dover, Peachtree Corners


September 1, 2023

I am so grateful for the services of Sweet Dreams. Our senior cat, Smoky, always exhibited such stress and anxiety whenever going to the vet, and he had to go quite a few times during the last month of his life. I couldn’t bear the thought of making that his last experience in life. When it became clear that it was time for him to leave us I called Sweet Dreams. Dr. Quinlan and Paige arrived the next day to help our Smoky go in comfort and surrounded with love. They walked into our home and immediately got down on the floor with him and played and petted and loved on him all the while reassuring us that we were doing the best thing for him and explaining exactly what would take place. Their compassion and kindness and knowledge made a very difficult time much easier. Smoky received the peaceful ending he so deserved. I am most thankful these services are available. Thank you Dr. Quinlan, Paige and all the wonderful people at Sweet Dreams. What a wonderful organization you are!

-Mitch Waldman, Big Canoe


August 28, 2023

We had to make the call that no one wants to make. I was convinced that we should use our regular vet since we knew them and our sweet pup knew them too but the more I thought about loading him up and driving him there to lay on that cold table… I just couldn’t. My husband convinced me to call Sweet Dreams and I am eternally grateful we did. We got to spend the last 24 hours with our sweet Oliver just cuddling in our home and loving on him with no added pressure or that dreaded vet visit. Dr. Crowder and Kaitlin arrived and wanted to know all about Oliver, listened to our stories, gave us all the time we needed and gave us warm/emotional/heartbreaking/loving final time and memories with him that we would have never gotten otherwise. Our pets are family and Sweet Dreams understands that to their core. Thank you guys for making a terrible situation something that we can remember with a little less pain. The Williams Family.

-Chrissy Williams, Cumming


August 24, 2023

Our sweet little Natalie got ill very suddenly. We had contacted Sweet Dreams to make an appointment for later in the week, but several days before that, she began to suffer. We contacted them and they were able to fit us in on an already busy day. The team was extremely professional and compassionate. It is so hard to let our little ones go, but we were able to do so in the comfort of our own home, and Natalie did not have to endure a scary car ride to the sterile vet’s office. Instead, we were all lying on her bed in her room with her in our arms with her favorite blanket and toy. The process was as easy on her as possible, and she passed on peacefully and with very little pain. Everything down to the smallest detail was planned out by Sweet Dreams, and the tech had committed all of Natalie’s information to memory by the time they arrived at my home. We are grateful that they were there to provide a compassionate passing for our sweet girl.

-Julie Van Arends and Rod Beadle, Newnan


August 14, 2023

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the compassion and professionalism from everyone I spoke to and came in contact with, during this stressful time. The truly heartfelt love for my sweet Takota helped ease my broken heart!

-Bobby Stockton, Bremen


July 20, 2023

Sweet Dreams did an amazing job for our baby. Trinity went peacefully and they were kind and attentive, not just for her but for the whole family. The paw print was a sweet memory for us. We miss her dearly but we are so glad we got to send her across the rainbow bridge at our home with the whole family around her. Thank you Sweet Dreams.

-Anne and Eric, Roswell


July 10, 2023

I am so grateful that Sweet Dreams offers in home pet euthanasia. We fostered, then adopted, a medically fragile rescue dog named Coco. She suffered from numerous medical issues caused by being tied up outside and neglected for years. She also had cancer. I wanted her final day to be peaceful and full of love. Dr. Quinlan and Vet Tech Brie were absolutely wonderful and skillfully handled the entire process with sensitivity and care. They did not rush and gave us the necessary space and time to say good bye. The administrative staff was excellent as well. There isn't anything I would change about their service and will use them again. Thank you!

-Peggy McCarthey, Roswell


June 15, 2023

In home was a new experience and was easier on Gregory, me, and Reese. They were incredibly gentle and caring to all of us. I can’t thank them enough. If your situation allows, this is the way.

-Jennifer Johnson, Acworth


June 19, 2023

I couldn’t write all the wonderful things about you all on the postcard, so this will have to do.

It has been exactly one month today that we lost our beautiful, beloved Shaka. This was my son’s lifetime dog, as she chose him when we went to meet her when she was 4 months old and our son was 2. She trained for five half marathons with me. She was my husbands’ cigar on the porch buddy and protector to all of us. We ran, walked, camped, hiked, cooked out, and loved life with our girl. In her 13 years of life, we only boarded her twice, as she did everything with us and in the Winter of her life, we repaid the favor of just being with her and putting off going places because she couldn’t accompany us any longer. She lived a long and glorious life and is missed more than any of us care to admit.

When we called the first time, my husband told the receptionist that it must be one of the worst jobs on the planet. The receptionist responded with it was not, it was actually one of the most rewarding jobs ever because she could help pet owners through this terrible time.

We were not prepared for the care and love that came into our house that day. Shaka was safe, calm, warm and surrounded by the ones that loved her in her final moments. My husband bent over her, took off her collar and whispered, “Last time, you’re off duty girl.” Every night we took off her collar to be ‘off duty’ and every morning put it back on and said, “O.k. girl, you’re on duty, guard the house. Be good. Love you. Have a good day.” The vet knew it was time and let us know when she got her wings and went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for our arrival with the rest of our menagerie. They kept her dignity in the final moments so she would not be embarrassed, brought a stretcher to carry her and a blanket to cover her. We were even able to take the stretcher down ourselves and load her for a final kiss on her dome head and final pet. They cared for her as if she was their own.

What we were not prepared for was the card. It was kind, considerate, helpful and we didn’t know they could hear us as we were talking to her, because it was personalized to the experience and one of the most genuine cards we have received.

I cannot thank you enough for providing this service for families that view their animals as more than just animals, but instead view them as members of the family that are passing. It is something that provides peace for a grieving family and isn’t a cold, sterile and unfamiliar environment. It is warm, kind, caring and loving and it has given this pet owner a much better experience. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. We are truly grateful for you and the services you provide.

With the kindest regards from the bottom of our hearts,

-Greg, Jenn and Zander Duerkoop, Kennesaw


June 4, 2023

I don’t know if I have all the words to express our gratitude for Dr. Quinlan & LeAnne for their genuine compassion in helping us say goodbye to our 13 year old Boxer Baby Harley. From the moment they entered our home, we could feel their heartache for us as well as their compassion of the process. They were so caring and loving to us as well as our pup during this very difficult decision. Dr. Quinlan explained the process in such a calming and sweet manner and gave us all the time we needed with our baby. Leanne was so sweet and comforting through the entire process as well. The paw print and lock of his hair was so meaningful to us. We knew we were doing the right thing for our pup and we’re so grateful and thankful for Sweet Dreams, Dr. Quinlan and Leanne

-Troy & Lisa, Marietta


May 30, 2023

Pets bring so much life and joy to our worlds, but lurking behind that is what my husband and I call The Eventual Worst Day Ever. We had our Worst Day Ever today with our boy Hamilton, but Dr. Whitlock and Stacie were our saving grace. We appreciated their compassion, professionalism, and expertise. They got to know our dogs, explained the process thoroughly, and walked us through step by step, giving our boy dignity and respect during a very difficult time. Their care and attention to detail were top notch - they even found a flower in our backyard to put on our boy’s blanket after they wrapped him up, and that heartfelt touch meant so much to us.

-Kim Kulhanek, Smyrna


May 24, 2023

I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Ragdoll Cat, Yoda, three days ago, and I am so grateful to have found Sweet Dreams and to know that there is such a thing as home euthanasia. We were treated with such kindness and compassion and they never made me feel rushed. Everything was explained in compassionate detail and what was a terribly difficult time became a peaceful, relaxed passing of my dear boy. They handled everything with love and grace. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Trogdan and Lori and Victoria.

-Sherri Rys, Cartersville


May 12, 2023

When my sweet 12 1/2 year old Gordon Setter Chloe's CCD disease impacted her love of life and fearlessly confident disposition creating a life of fear and frailness. I had to make the impossible decision following many different approaches to improve with meds, homeopathic etc... My Vet and friend suggested I contact Sweet Dreams.
Chloe was my everything. Gifted to me by my fiancee 12 years ago who 6 months later died in a car accident. Chloe was been my reason for getting up in those early days with joyful Setter silliness, great love of the outdoors and ever ending devotion to her Mamma. A lap dog to the end, always at the door when I returned (if she wasn't with me...) and all her patterns and the sounds of her in my home are things I miss so. I wanted the best for her transition to peace.
I can't thank Dr Smith and the super nice tech (my mind cannot recall her name - my apologies!) for instantly helping me through this process. Her evaluation and confirmation of my decision added an element of relief.

My sweet fighter to the end, I held her in my arms with her final moments of her head draped over my shoulder as I stroked her and whisper in her ear my gratitude of all the years of love, companionship and fun we shared. She passed peacefully and left with dignity and grace. Always in my Heart sweet Chloe.

-Donna Parlante, Woodstock


April 23, 2023

My husband Mark and I owe a debt of gratitude to the kind, caring team from Sweet Dreams who came to our home last week. Saying goodbye to our precious springer spaniel was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. We have loved all of our pets, but Hubbell was our sweetest, most loving and adored boy and it was gut wrenching to make this decision. From my first call, Jovette was so kind - listening to me bawl and blubber through stories about our boy. Dr. Amy and her team came when we needed them to be here and calmly and gently led us through the process. All three of them got down on the floor as soon as they arrived, rubbing and loving on him so he wasn't afraid or uncomfortable. They urged us to take the time we needed. Their suggestion to give him a tasty treat while the doctor was giving him an injection was brilliant. He GOBBLED up a slice of roast beef (he was always a chow hound) and clearly felt nothing. After a few minutes he became drowsy and fell asleep with his sweet head in my lap. A subsequent IV that he didn't have to feel brought about a peaceful end - right in his favorite place at our home. The Sweet Dreams team even explained dogs' instinctive behavior and advised us how to handle our other spaniel during this time. We kept her with us, but she moved to the far corner of the room, confirming that she knew her brother had passed. She has seemed a little lonely for a few days but is adjusting to our new normal.

I cannot recommend Sweet Dreams more highly. It has meant so much to us to usher our precious boy off to heaven in such a peaceful manner in our home. I simply could not have taken him to the vet's office where he became so afraid due to his numerous medical issues. After all he gave us, this was our last gift to him. Thank you Lord for blessing the world with such lovely, caring people and beloved canine family members.

-Susan Newton, Big Canoe


April 22, 2023

It's been a week & 1 day now without our sweet Leo (Golden Retriever). I want to thank my Angels on Earth, Dr. Crowder & Kristen for helping to not only end Leo's pain & suffering but also offering comfort to my husband & I during his transition across the Rainbow Bridge. They were genuinely & passionately caring for my boy from the time they stepped into my house until they took his sweet body/soul away on the stretcher. Sweet Dreams gave a whole new meaning to us knowing Leo was in the right hands of such a compassionate team.

-Carol A Miller, Powder Springs


April 11, 2023

I cannot begin to tell you how Dr. Whitlock and Stacy made a horrible endeavor the best that it could possibly be. Both were the most caring and considerate and loving people to us and our wonderful Ellie. There are no words to describe our gratitude to these two people. And also to Blair who helped us with all the preparations. Thanks again and may God Bless all of you.

-Steve & Libbie Kallman, Cumming


March 31, 2023

We highly recommend using the services of these people. We recently had to have one of our 3 cats laid to rest. They were so professional. The kindest, most understanding and caring people you could ask for at this time of need.

A quick example of how great they are. They arrive at our house and we talked while they told us how they did things and started to get prepared. And then.....
our cat was off like a shot! we looked all over for him to no availe. These ladies suggested we continue to look for the cat. They would leave, but stay in the area for 30 to 45 minutes and to call their office when we found him. They were about 30 minites out, but so kind and understanding, they came back. They comforted our cat and treated him with tenderness and caring, (us too) everything else went as planned. we can't thank them enough for this service they provide whole-heartedly.

Thank you so much,

-The Brown Family, Powder Springs


March 28, 2023

I was so apprehensive about inviting strangers into my home, rather than my veterinarian of many years, for one of the most intimate and painful times of my life. But since my vet does not make house calls, I reached out to Sweet Dreams. Dr. Quinlan and Keri were compassionate, understanding, and reassuring, of both me, and my dear companion, Abby. They answered all of my questions, told me what to expect; and explained how they, and I, could support Abby as I said goodbye to her, I could never sufficiently express my gratitude to them, and to Sweet Dreams, for their kindness, gentleness, and expertise.

-Laura, Cumming


March 23, 2023

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Whitlock and Morgan for the special care they took with our Lexi. They took the time to make Lexi feel comfortable with them. They answered all of our questions and we really felt like they cared and were sympathetic. We will be forever grateful for sending our baby off with respect and dignity.

-Michael and Michele Wadsworth, Dallas


February 25, 2023

This week Guenther and I made the difficult decision to send our Coopie over the Rainbow Bridge where he could run and hunt as he was meant to do. From the first call to Sweet Dreams until the final moment we were given assurance we had made the right decision and given comfort as they talked us through the process and held our hands during those final breaths. Coopie was able to make this transition in the comfort and quietness of HIS home. Thank you Sweet Dreams for offering this service-taking the severe stress of the trip to an office being Coopie's and our final memory of the amazing 15 years he had given us.

-Guenther & Melinda Berg, Woodstock


February 24, 2023

We just wanted to thank you, Dr. Franklin and Keri for the wonderful and compassionate care that you gave our girl Roxy in helping her cross the Rainbow Bridge. They explained the process thoroughly, gave us plenty of time to tell her goodbye, and gently took her through the procedure while handling her with the utmost care. She is now pain-free and in a better place, and you helped us get her there in peace. We greatly appreciate your kind services.

-Wick and Terry Smith, Woodstock


February 16, 2023

I cannot say enough good things about our experience.
Dr. Quinlan and Victoria made the worst day of our lives so much better. They were so compassionate and caring. From the first phone call I was treated with such empathy! I am so thankful they were the team helping me with this difficult decision for my precious Zoey.
God Bless You All!

-Elizabeth Wallace, Fayetteville


February 12, 2023

My husband and I had to say goodbye to my sweet 12 year old GoldenDoodle, Harley. He was diagnosed with cancer 5 months ago and it had taken toll on his body. Harley will be missed by all who has met him. He never met a stranger. He was definitely the best dog ever! Rest in peace my sweet fluff pup. You were so sweet to our family.

-Brandy Smith, Cumming


January 21, 2023

We are so thankful for the service that Sweet Dreams provides. From the empathy shown in the first phone contact we made, to the service that was provided at our house, we could not have asked for better during such a hard time for us. Being able to not have to put our beloved cat in a carrier and a car drive to the vet that would have further stressed her out was simply wonderful. Dr Crowder and Abby were so understanding during the service. They gave us space and time to be with our cat in her last moments. We can’t thank all of you at Sweet Dreams enough.

-Benson and Marie, Canton



December 30, 2022

Dr. Quinlan and Victoria provided compassionate care for my sweet old man Boss. The were empathetic and made the experience peaceful for me and my family. They handle Boss with care, which I truly appreciate. It’s never easy seeing a beloved family member cross over, however I could not have asked for a better way than what I experienced. They were the best.

-Andrea, Douglasville


December 22, 2022

Everyone I spoke to on the phone was kind and compassionate. I was so distraught at putting my beloved cat, Blackie, to sleep. But the vet and tech who came out went above and beyond to be accommodating, compassionate, respectful, soft spoken and kind to both Blackie and me. It made a very difficult situation easier. They arrived when promised and did not rush me at all. I was able to hold Blackie throughout the entire process. They took care of the cremation process too and I got Blackie's ashes back when promised. It could not have gone more perfectly. I will never put a pet to sleep at a vet clinical setting ever again. Blackie was able to pass away in a comfortable and respectful environment. Sweet Dreams home euthanasia is THE BEST. I highly recommend them.

-Patricia Brant, Brandt


December 18, 2022

From the first voice on the phone, Jenn - to Amy - to Doctor Henson and Leann. Thank you for what you do. As humans we want our pets to live lives as we would have them. To not age or get sick. And then there comes that day when we know what they are telling us, even after days of thinking, no you will eat more soon, you will drink more soon. Thank you for your kind voices, your guidance and empathy beyond all walls during the very hard decision. My son Aaron, Halo's best pal Gronk and I thank you. It truly takes a special soul to do what you do. Halo is looking down with her approval that we made the right decision for a peaceful passing.

-Kathie Monroe, Woodstock


December 15, 2022

Jack, the most amazing creature in my world, became sick very suddenly. Although now apparent that he had been slowing progressing through cancer without our knowledge, he progressed to a level of concern within a few days. After a diagnosis by the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital, we had to make a very immediate decision to proceed with alleviating his suffering. I called Sweet Dreams at almost 5 PM one afternoon and they were here the following afternoon. Their service and care made an excruciating decision bearable by allowing Jack to be at home, with us, in an environment that he knew and trusted.

Thank you, Sweet Dreams staff, for your care, support and love during one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. You provide a service that takes a level of compassion that is difficult to comprehend.

-Cindy Martin, Gainesville


December 13, 2022

Recently I had to make the difficult decision to help my 13.5-year-old Puggle Bailey transition over the Rainbow Bridge and called upon Sweet Dreams to help in this process. From the beginning I knew Bailey (and I) were in the best hands, from Lori who fielded my phone calls and answered any questions I had with patience and empathy, to Dr White and Leann who showered Bailey with an abundance of love and kisses while reassuring me I was making the right decision. From the moment they arrived, Bailey felt like the King we always knew he was, and we were able to go at our pace without feeling rushed. Although I am devastated at the loss, I am forever indebted to Sweet Dreams for taking such good care of Bailey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Colleen Somers - Alpharetta  

Bailey 1 Bailey 2 Bailey 3


December 12, 2022

On Friday 12/9/22 we made a decision to allow our precious kitty "Jerry" to cross the rainbow bridge. He had a tumor and it was too big to successfully remove...it was a very hard decision so we called Sweet Dreams and made an appt. Once Dr Crowder along with her assistants Morgan and Chanell explained to us what would take place. They gave us time with Jerry before and after to say our good byes. This was very hard but we know that our little Jerry is in peace now. Not seeing him every day is really hard but we know he is playing with all the other kitties.

We want to say thank you to Dr Crowder, Morgan and Chanell for their patience and giving us the time to say good bye. Jerry looked so peaceful in the little basket with his blanket. We highly recommend Sweet Dreams, Dr Crowder and her staff if you need an in home service.

-Bob and Dottie Douglas, Marietta


November 22, 2022

We can't say Thank you enough to Sweet Dreams for their support and guidance through a very traumatic and difficult time. We had to put our sweet 14 year old girl sally to sleep this week. We knew the day was coming but that does make it any easier to say good bye to a loyal companion and fur baby. Victoria, Dr White and Keri were beyond compassionate, kind and caring through the whole process. We can't say thank you enough for your heart felt concern on a very sad an difficult day.

-Mark and Debby, Woodstock


October 31, 2022

Thank you, Dr. White and Victoria for your compassionate care of our dear Squeaker on her last day with us. Being in the comfort of home helped all of us get through this tough day, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness, professionalism and compassion. Thank you.

-Tanja Roswell, GA


October 29, 2022

Today I had to make the hardest decision of my adult life. I had to say goodbye to my sweet boy. He was still young at heart but his legs failed him. I struggled for a while but knew in the end it was time. They were so kind and patient with me as I worked through it. They were gentle with him and gave us his paw prints before they left. He was carried out in a basket covered up like he was taking a nap. Every detail was considered and I appreciate that. He was my family not just a pet and they treated him that way. My heart is broken but at least my boy was given love by everyone around him in the end. That means the world to me because he deserves all the best in his final hours. Thank you for helping him peacefully cross surrounded by people who love him.

-Heather McComas, Cumming


October 29, 2022

Sweet Dreams is a group of people who genuinely care and the team you want with you when the time comes to say good bye to your fur baby family member. Yesterday Dr Quinlan and Cassie came to my house to help me say good bye to my cat Jane. I knew I had the absolute best providing the service and support I needed. They are so kind, very empathetic and professional. They explained the entire process and answered all my questions. They made an extremely hard decision so much easier because of who they are as professionals and people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Quinlan and Cassie for what you do to help others. You truly are two angels on this earth and I can’t thank you enough.

-Tiffany Read, Smyrna


October 27th, 2022

The moment Dr. Henson & Morgan walked into our home we knew that they were here to help. They only cared about making Cookie, our cat, my husband & me at ease. They were gentle and kind as well as informative before every procedure. Their empathy touched our hearts. We felt as though we were with friends that were there to help and guide us. I could tell that it was not easy for them as well. What strength and compassion they must have to be able to experience this day after day. Dr. Henson & Morgan sat on the floor on a comforter with my husband and me. I was able to hold her as the procedure began and until the end. Having my baby in my arms meant everything to me. Cookie was our beautiful girl for 16 years. We will forever be grateful that someone had the compassion to develop Sweet Dreams so that Cookie could spend her last moments in her home.

-Jeanne Grant, Cumming


October 21, 2022

A week ago the time had come for our sweet boxer Lilly, she was only 7 but the cancer had finally gotten the best of her. It's always a tough decision but she was so sweet, well you know the feeling. We couldn't get our regular vet, who is awesome, so we ended up at at Sweet Dreams. Some days you just get lucky. Dr. Henson and Morgan were as good as it gets! I had explained the process to our 17 yr old son, as it was his 1st time, but they went through it again and were extremely compassionate, empathetic, and professional. A rare combination to say the least. It's a terrible ordeal to go through but it's the cost of loving an animal with your whole heart. I could not recommend them any higher. Dr. Henson and Morgan, you truly are the best. I can't imagine doing this repeatedly and being able to retain the empathy that you do.

-Gibbons Family, Ball Ground


October 7, 2022

We lost our dear sweet miniature schnauzer, Rahja, 13 days ago. Dr. White and Keri came to our home within two hours of me calling them. Our Rahja (10-1/2 years old) was suffering from nasal cancer for the past year. That Saturday morning, things got very bad very quickly. We weren't ready to let her go but that morning we made the decision as we knew she was in pain. It was truly the most difficult decision we ever made. We miss her soooo very much and our lives are not the same without her. We don't even want to go inside knowing that she is not there to come running to greet us! But we know she's in a better place and not suffering any more. Dr. White and Keri came in and sat on the floor with us and explained everything that was going to happen. They made Rahja comfortable, and she passed peacefully with our entire family there. They let us spend as much time as we needed before and after with her. We want to thank Dr. White and Keri for being the caring individuals that you are and helping us through this unfortunate time. Thank you!!!

-Suzanne & Dennis Gonzalez, Woodstock


July 7, 2022

Although this was the hardest decision to make it was the right one for our fur baby Kisses. I couldn't have asked for a better team of professionals. Dr, Franklin and Lorin were extremely compassionate and answered all the questions we had. Our Kisses was our last English Bulldog, being apart of the family for 14 years. Her absence is already felt but the love she gave will always be in our hearts. Thanks Sweet Dreams for making our last moments with Kisses special.

-Phoebe Odum and Cedric Bennett, Atlanta


June 23, 2022

Steve and I just want to say thank you.  Your team came to our home yesterday for Franklin and we cannot say enough how kind, genial, caring they were with him and our other two fur babies.  It was the hardest decision we had to make, and we know today he is not suffering any longer.  We will recommend your team to any of our friends that are facing that decision.  Thank you again to your team for helping our sweet Franklin cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

-Angie and Steve Caradine, Austell


June 8, 2022

We are so thankful for the professional, kind, gentle and sympathetic way Dr. Quinlan, Victoria and Lauren came into our home, took the time to talk to us, and get to know our Lucy. She was our "lilla girl" for 16 years and a member of our family. We are grateful this service exists, and we would recommend this route for anyone faced with "the decision". Thank you so much to Sweet Dreams and staff.

-Susan and Mike Hunter, Douglasville


May 25, 2022

It’s been one week since our Lily crossed the rainbow ridge. One of the hardest things to do but it was made so much easier by Sweet Dreams. Lily was our best friend, constant companion, and sweetest angel. There is no love like the love from a Golden. She had been suffering from bone cancer and her poor body gave out at the age of 12. We called Sweet Dreams and they were wonderful to work with from start to finish. Lily passed laying down in her favorite spot in the back yard on a sunny spring morning. I know she was at peace and relaxed during the whole process. Dr. Stefanie Henson and her wonderful assistant were so kind and professional- you could tell they genuinely cared about Lily and her comfort. I truly trust them and know that Lily was in the best hands throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Sweet Dreams and am forever grateful to Dr. Henson and her assistant for their work on that day. It means the world to us knowing Lily crossed the rainbow bridge without pain, in her favorite spot at home, and surrounded by family. 💛 🌈

-Katie Dunn, Roswell


May 21, 2022

Today Dr. Craig and Victoria helped my cat, Piglet, leave behind his suffering. I could not have asked for a more caring team - they took care of my "elder statesman" with amazing kindness and caring. My heartfelt thanks to both of you, and to the office folks I talked to.

-Kris Kichty, Tucker


April 15, 2022

We have loved and lost many pets...it is never easy to say Good-Bye. But this was absolutely the best, most peaceful good-bye that we have ever had. Everyone was so kind, from Jen who somehow could understand me when I called, even though I was crying, to Dr Henson and Leann who were so gentle with Lewis throughout the entire visit - even when they were putting him on the gurney and taking him out the door. My last image of Lewis is of him all cozy in a nice blue blanket, looking like he was just sleeping. I cannot say enough good things about the Sweet Dreams team.

-Debbie & Tony Franks, Canton


April 14, 2022

I can not say enough about how wonderful Dr. Henson and LeAnn were with our sweet pup, Misty. They answered all our questions, were patient in listening to our stories of Misty's 12 1/2 yrs of life. They explained all the procedures needed to assure that she would pass peacefully and without pain. They talked us through each step and their compassion helped us to understand the hard decision we had to make for our beloved pet. Thank you Sweet Dreams for your service and your professionalism...Misty will always live in our hearts! Your amazing service helps in our healing process and makes this heart braking time in our family's life a little bit better.

-Rick and Lydia Burmeister, Canton


April 6, 2022

My wife and I recently had occasion to make use of this service for one of our dogs. I don't write a lot of online reviews, but in this case I did want to make special note of the care and compassion shown by Keri and Dr. Sutphin, for both for our pet and us as well. This difficult situation simply could not have been handled any better. Sincere thanks and highest possible recommendation.

-Scott H, Canton


March 27, 2022

A huge heartfelt thank you to Dr. Quinlan and Addie for helping my sweet girl Hannah have a peaceful, dignified passing. We love our babies just like our children and the compassion and kindness they both showed towards Hannah was so appreciated. Thank you both for the work you do everyday ❤️

-Cathy Butler, Sandy Springs


March 15, 2022

I can’t thank Sweet Dreams enough, they could not have been more compassionate to me and the care they took with my beloved Samson, my companion for 11 yrs and 11mos. He helped me get through the death of my precious husband of 50 yrs. Thanks again for helping my baby cross the rainbow 🌈 bridge with such care.

-Arlene Williams, Alpharetta


March 8, 2022

Nicole and Carline were so compassionate to us as we said goodbyes to our Princess. She was 17 1/2 years old and diagnosed with renal failure, so she was deteriorating, suffering more and more. They took their time with us, and we felt reassured in our decision to give her peace. They walked us through every step of the process and Princess was able to pass peacefully in her own home, with her own blankets, and surrounded by her family. It’s worth the extra cost to have had her transition this way.

-Maria and Rob, Kennesaw


February  21, 2022

As difficult as this decision was, Dr Henson and Leanne helped me through it with love, compassion and empathy. They explained every step and made sure my sweet Shelby went to her furever sleep peacefully. In that moment I truly felt they loved her too and were heartbroken with me. I cannot thank them enough.

-Darlene Johnson, Woodstock


January 22, 2022

I am so grateful that I found Sweet Dreams to help us with our sweet Sam. He never liked to ride and I didn’t want to have to put him through that and have that be a last memory for him. From the first phone call I received from them to the last walk out our door the experience was truly a blessing. I am so glad I found Sweet Dreams. Thank you for everything.

-Tammy Bui, Winder


January 20, 2022

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Stephanie Henson, DVM and her staff for helping us with the difficult decision we had to make this morning and for helping our old girl Sady on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge today. They were compassionate, caring and professional. We had reached out to a number of mobile vets in our area and could not find one who could come out today on short notice. There was no way we could wait and my husband and I could not get her to our car so that we could take her to our vet. They arrived on time, took time with us to explain the procedure and were just extremely helpful and caring.

-Carol Merck, Avondale Estates


January 1, 2022

Molly Malone was our little (100lb) Mastiff Rescue. Sweetest shadow, cuddle bug and little joyful sister a family could dream up. We only had her for under 2 years till she started having seizures. We got an MRI and the day before Christmas we found out that she had a large brain tumor. As the shock set in the neuro dr said she is a good candidate for radiation so we scrambled. Receiving a slot in SC 2 wks I researched holistic options, upped meds and prayed. Her seizures got brutally worse and the rollercoaster of emotions became unbearable. We knew we had to let her go and it was the hardest decision I have every made. It was one of the worst days of our lives waiting and contemplating before they drove up. When the Sweet Dreams team walked in they sat down and cried with us. Dr Carrie explained how tumors are effecting our baby and the importance of her quality of life - and ours. This disease was debilitating on our entire family and our sweet Molly was in pain. They had a pink blanket for her and treated her as if she were their own.

Sweet dreams gave us peace. There is not enough money in the world that can by a family that. They honestly are earth angels and superheroes combined. We will forever be grateful.

-Kat Dudney, Canton




December 22, 2021

Thank you for your kind thoughtfulness with our sweet Cali girl. She doesn't hurt any more and will forever be in our hearts...

-Missy & Tony, Marietta


December 9, 2021

We had the pleasure of having Doctor Smith and Keri come to our home on October 15th for our sweet baby girl Zoey. Immediately Zoey took to Doctor Smith giving her kisses. Zoey was always a very affectionate, sweet girl and I will really miss that! These times are so difficult, but they made sure we had plenty of time with her to say our goodbyes and they let us know everything they were going to do before doing it with what could possibly happen. I hate that we are having to use this service once again this year but I'm thankful that it is here for us to use. I wouldn't have used any other company. The people are very compassionate and I love that. Zoey was my first dog as an adult and I did not expect to love her so deeply. They really are part of the family, in fact I felt as if she was my child. We lost her at an early age due to cancer and IVDD. It all came so sudden. She was only 5 years old. This by far has been the most excruciating goodbye I ever had to say. I think the thing that meant the most to me is when Doctor Smith was also crying and asked for a hug. I'll never forget that, EVER! I really don't know how you guys could have made this experience any better and I thank you for having a service and such caring people.

-Alphonse & Courtney, Kennesaw


December 6, 2021

I want to take a moment to thank the staff and most of all Dr. Smith and Carline. October has been the hardest month because we had to make a very difficult but unselfish decision to say goodbye to our King of the house. Our precious Tazzy (Taz-Man) Tazmania!!!!! :'( there is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of and missed. My child in animal form. But when I made the call to Sweet Dreams they were so professional and so caring. Having Dr. Smith sit with my baby and that is something that he did not allow (is for someone to walk in and get close). Her attention in her questions and over view of Tazzy she reassured myself and my daughter that we were doing the right thing. There is not a night that I do not cry because I miss him on the pillow next to me. When I adopted him I became acquainted with him sitting on a couch in his foster home, so I wanted him to Sleep forever in the same way with me on the couch holding him, as he crossed his paws and drifted off into his forever sleep I am somewhat at peace knowing that he is running and playing with his brother and sister (Cocoa and Smokey). Sweet Dreams you are the best and may you all be blessed, for the efforts that you do in making pet owners more at ease when they have to say good-bye. Blessings,

-Sheila and Keseanna, Atlanta


November 30, 2021

If you're reading this website, you're likely facing a very tough decision. One that none of us wants to have to make. And having never faced this with a pet before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I really appreciated so much about how Sweet Dreams helps with this process--from having a very thorough website to help you understand your options, to a very empathetic staff--you all helped to ease the emotional pain. From your kind receptionist, who very patiently listened when I called, and allowed me time to regain my composure, to Dr. Julie White and Samantha, who sat down with us and talked us through the entire process, and helped us say goodbye to our pet in the least painful way possible. Our kitty Angel lived to be 20 years . . . we are so grateful for the time we had and for how long she gave our family joy and companionship. Thank you for showing respect, dignity and care to both our pet and to our family at this difficult time. We truly appreciate your genuine compassion and are grateful to your team for guiding us through this difficult time.

-Jena Kennedy, Roswell


November 30, 2021

My beloved Cairn Terrier, Emma, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the end of September with 1 month to 6 months to live. Her vet advised that we would need to euthanize because bone cancers are rarely a direct cause of death. I was heartbroken but knew I needed to do what was right for my sweet girl. The first thing I was sure of is that I wanted her to pass at home. Due to COVID, our vet was not performing house calls but instead recommended Sweet Dreams. The entire Sweet Dreams team was gentle and empathetic beginning with the receptionist I spoke with to get information to the team that came to our home. Our team consisted of Dr. Craig Quinlan and Victoria. It takes a special sort of person to be able to do the important work these beautiful souls do. They offered kindness, comfort, and reassurance on one of my worst days and I will be forever grateful to them. Thank you Craig and Victoria. Thank you Sweet Dreams.

-Katy Conover, Jasper


November 15, 2021

Dr. Smith and her assistants came to the house last Friday after we called that same day (they were able to fit us in). They were the most sincere, professional, and comforting people in our time of great sadness. Even though our girl was up there in age it's never easy to make the decision because they are so a part of your family. I am so glad that we had Sweet Dreams help us to cross our baby over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you all for being there in our sad time and for your support.

-Pam, Acworth


November 2, 2021

I wanted to tell your staff a sincere Thank You. Sweet Dreams helped us out with a difficult decision regarding our dear Tara. My wife kept saying how kind everyone was. I just wanted to say again Thank You for behaving like that when the rest of us were falling apart.

-Leo & Lisa, Marble Hill


October 31, 2021

Our sweet Sierra had cancer that had consumed her quality of life and her pain was exceeding the medicine so we were faced with the difficult decision to put her down. This company made it so beautiful. They came into the house with the sweetest temperament and personalities placing Sierra at ease. They didn't rush us and remained genuinely sympathetic to us and our broken hearts. It was so beautiful that Sierra wasn't scared or anxious. She was home and in her bed surrounded by all of our family as she peacefully went to sleep and entered doggie heaven. We miss her tremendously but couldn't be more grateful for the service Sweet Dreams provided in our difficult time.

-The Freudenberg/Huberty Family, Atlanta


October 28, 2021

Ace was a huge, goofy white German Shepherd. He had been plagued with health issues most of his life, but he was fortunately able to see 12 years pass, living a full life for a Shepherd, before he succumbed to hip, liver and kidney problems. Being unable to stand up anymore, I knew it was time to have to make that very difficult decision. Being 90+ pounds and unable to walk at all, it was not feasible for me to take him to our normal veterinary clinic. Sweet Dreams was recommended to me, I was pleased with what I saw on their website, so I gave them a call.

Sweet Dreams made the whole process much easier. They were compassionate, friendly and professional on the phone when setting up an appointment. They sent a confirmation email shortly thereafter, with details of my appointment, and mentioned what I needed to do on that day. The morning of the appointment day, I received an email with an electronic form to fill out, then a phone call again confirming my appointment, with an approximate time window. I was told when Dr. Henson would call with a more exact time, which she did, and I knew within 20 minutes, when the team would arrive. They came inside, we all made introductions, then they went to meet Ace, and see if they needed to do anything special. I was told exactly what would happen, and they had me spend some time with Ace, as they were getting things ready.

I have had to have several pets euthanized over the years, and it is never, ever an easy thing to do. Sometimes the decision to do so is obvious and without a doubt, and sometimes one wonders if it is really necessary right now. If your pet is suffering and there is no hope for relief, then it is definitely time.

I was giving Ace treats, petting him, telling him what a good boy he was, and how much I loved him, when the medicine was administered and began to take effect. The team was very personable and professional while doing so, as well as very compassionate toward me, as I was crying my eyes out. The service came with a complimentary paw print and hair locks to remember Ace by, and they offered additional services such as cremation, etc. I opted to bury Ace in our back yard, because I have always done that with all of our pets.

Sweet Dreams made a very difficult and painful process easier and less painful than it had to be. I highly recommend them, if your pet is in a situation where there is only one way to stop the pain and/or suffering. I am very pleased with all aspects of the process, and the next time that I need to do this for one of my beloved pets, I would not hesitate to call them again.

I will never stop missing Ace, though. He graced our lives for 12 years, and I wish I was half the man that Ace thought I was. Unconditional love and instant forgiveness are what dogs are all about.

-John, Acworth


October 26, 2021

Thank you so much for the love and tender care that you showed our sweet girl, Sugar. Not only did you tend to her needs, you helped us and our other pup, Murphy cope with the loss our beloved Sugar.

-Jeannine & Wes Brock, Marietta


October 12, 2021

We are so grateful for Dr. Quinlan and the team member who came to our home to help us with our pup. They both were so very wonderful, caring, calming, and professional. There is simply no better way to go through such a tough time than in-home with such a caring team and family as we helped our pup with what she needed. So much better for our family and pup than the traditional, stressful, trip to the vet.

-Daniel & Diane, Cartersville


September 20, 2021

We had to have our dog of 14 years put down yesterday due to severe arthritis. This sad day was made the best it could be by the compassionate care of Dr. Smith and Aimee. The information provided and their care should be commended. They carefully guided us through the whole process and Chance passed without any pain. We greatly appreciate Sweet Dreams during this hard time.

-Mark McBride, Marietta


August 26, 2021

I had to put down my sweet cat Darwin about a month ago. He had several medical conditions but took a rapid downturn over a few day period and I had to make the decision to end his distress. Everyone from the person I made the arrangements with to the vet and technician were wonderful and so caring. This has to be a tough job and they handle it with grace, patience and calming compassion. Dr. Henson and the vet tech Rebecca explained the process from beginning to end and allowed me plenty of time to say goodbye. It was so much better to allow him to go peacefully at home on his favorite sleeping spot rather than having it done at a vet's office on a cold metal table. I would recommend Sweet Dreams to anyone. They were a referral to me from a friend that has used their services a few times as well for her dogs. Then they gently took him to deliver to the crematory so I wouldn't have to deal with that aspect of the process. I truly miss him every day but know he's at peace and is happy and healthy now.

-Retta Shealey, Johns Creek


August 2, 2021

The vet took time to explain things in a way my young daughter could understand. It wasn't scary for her in any way.  It was very peaceful for our family and our dog. Our dog wasn't stressed having to travel to the vet and then we weren't distraught trying to drive home afterward.

-Jennifer Schroeder, Marietta


July 28, 2021

One week ago today, I had to say goodbye to my sweet loving companion Charlie. It was very difficult for me but made easier by the caring professionals, Dr. Amy Crowder and her friend and tech, Aimee. They were skilled and comforting to me and my daughter as we loved him into the Rainbow Bridge.

-Peggy Saucier, Vinings


July 27, 2021

Our happy little girl, Jessi, got cancer and life started to hurt. And she was scared --- this is a dog that chased bears, stared-down elk, and watched fireworks with her tail wagging. It was a terrible decision but Sweet Dreams provided a compassionate end for her.

-Bill Pearlman, Canton


July 22, 2021

We can’t thank Sweet Dreams enough and how much we appreciate them for the kindness and compassion they showed our sweet little Lucy. They gave us all the time we needed to say our good byes. We are so glad we had Lucy’s final hours at home. God Bless you Sweet Dreams for all the help and guidance you do for the pets and families to make this difficult decision much easier to cope. Lucy was carried out in a little basket and covered with a pink blanket. It was comforting to see peace on her face. You will always be in our hearts Lucy. Thank you Sweet Dreams you are awesome.

-Marilyn Rach, Canton


July 21, 2021

Even though it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Beagle, Buster - it was none the less a heartbreaking decision. Months ago it was brought to my attention that there were Vets that would come to your home and euthanize your pet and that pet would then be in the comfort of their own home/surroundings. I can't imagine having done this any other way. I cannot say enough about Dr. Henson and Rebecca (the Technician) who came to our house. There is not ONE thing that they could have done differently to have made the experience any easier for us - it was top notch all the way. The compassion they showed was clearly not put on for our benefit. They came in and explained exactly what was going to take place and made it clear that they would not rush us at any point. They were very gentle with Buster and gave us the opportunity to have as much time as we needed with him -not once did we feel rushed. I am so very grateful that this heartbreaking experience was done in such a gentle and loving way and we thank you so very much for that.

-Kate D'Olympio, Kennesaw


July 19, 2021

First: if you are reading this, you are struggling with a very difficult decision. This is not easy! Our precious Jasper had MVD and a cancerous tumor and started being unable to walk due to where the tumor was. After realizing surgery was not an option and knowing his quality of life was almost gone, we called upon Sweet Dreams. From the first phone call, the call back changing our minds, and the call back realizing it WAS time, they were 100% supportive. This was very sudden for us, so it hurt more than usual. Having previously experienced the "at the vet" euthanasia, we knew that in-home HAS TO BE THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE! Most pets are already uncomfortable going to the vet - there is no need to make their last moments even more uncomfortable. This way, they are HOME, with you/family and (as) comfortable (as possible). We were visited by Dr Henson and Samantha. I want to lay heavy praise on both of them. They both made this horrible moment as comfortable as humanly possible, for both my wife and I, along with Jasper and his brother and sister. Know that they are also available for consultation to know if it is time... They truly care!

-Curis & Dara, Canton


July 17, 2021

I miss my 16 1/2 year old Shih'Tzu, Jack, every day, but it's comforting to know that he had a good death. Instead of a scary visit to the vet, he lay peacefully on the porch lapping up a bowl of ice cream. It was stress-free, quiet and serene. My thanks to Dr. Crowder and Allison for providing a beautiful passage for my good boy.

-Doris Reidy, Marietta


July 12, 2021

It has taken a while to get over the emotions and be able to post this testimonial. Two weeks ago we had to enlist the services of Sweet Dreams to euthanize our beloved dog GiGi. GiGi showed up to our house as a stray about eight years ago. A best as we could determine she was about three years old at the time. It didn't take long for her to work her way into our house and our hearts.

While she was a very independent and strong-willed dog she also enjoyed being loved on and showing her love for us. She enjoyed roaming around our property, hanging out with us by our pool and whenever we got in our pickup truck she was there to hop in the back and go for a ride. She was very lucky to have found us and we were even luckier!

She had slowed down somewhat in the last year but still enjoyed going for our daily walks, rides in the truck and eating. Rather suddenly she stopped eating and laid around with no energy. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma and we had to make the tough decision to end her pain and suffering.

I contacted Sweet Dreams and from the initial phone call through the peaceful passing of our beloved GiGi the staff at Sweet Dreams could not have been more helpful, understanding and compassionate. Doctor Henson and Technician Aimee arrived on schedule and respectfully explained the process and procedure. They gave us all the time we needed to grieve and say our goodbyes. We could not have asked more of them in helping end GiGi's pain and suffering. They were truly professional but more importantly compassionate and caring.

Thank you to all the staff at Sweet Dreams and Rest in Peace Sweet GiGi!

-Mike & Frannie Gavin, Adairsville


May 28, 2021

I can't recommend the services of these wonderful people enough. Our dog Rocky was declining more quickly than we anticipated from liver cancer, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. I called other numbers first, but once I spoke to Dr. Crowder on the phone, I knew I wanted to work with Sweet Dreams. She was empathetic and genuine; I trusted her immediately.
This was the first time we were able to "plan" this for one of our pets, and it was such a blessing. It's not easy when it seems they are having a "better" day, but we didn't want to see Rocky suffer more than he already had. In our home, Dr. Henson listened to everything we told her about his recent condition and helped confirm for us in a very logical way that we were making the best choice, which is exactly what we needed. She and her team were kind, patient, and professional. They guided us when needed and stepped away when appropriate. Everything was on Rocky's time and we never felt rushed. He ate peanut butter sandwiches in our living room as he fell peacefully asleep by our side. Once we had our time, he was handled with all the care and dignity he deserved.

We are so thankful to have found Sweet Dreams at just the right time. We miss our boy, but they made a tough day so much easier.

-Nicole Massaro, Canton


May 13, 2021

From the initial phone call to set the appointment (Rebecca was very patient while I spoke through tears), we were shown kindness, patience and compassion throughout the process. Dr Henson and Samantha were with us every step of the way explaining as they preformed the euthanasia, Molly left us peacefully and for that I am so thankful. This was by far the best option for us and for Molly, leaving in the comfort of her home. The after care was also exceptional, they made all the arrangements. Molly is missed so much, at times I still feel her presence in the house. Thank you Sweet Dreams.

-Tracy Luse, Dallas


May 10, 2021
We had the pleasure of having Doctor White and Rebecca come to our home in January 2021 during the pandemic. It's taken me a while to get up the emotions to write this. One of our dogs had a litter of puppies and one of them did really well until about the 10-12 weeks of age. Minnie suddenly couldn't keep anything down. We took her to the vet and they said she had megaesophagus. So we tried feeding her straight up and holding her upright after eating for the recommended time, but that didn't help and she would start throwing up while we would hold her. They sent us home with an I.V. bag to keep her hydrated, some anti-nausea medication, and some antibiotics because every time she would vomit it would aspirate into her lungs and we didn't want her to get pneumonia. Every time she ate she couldn't hold a thing down. We really did try everything we could possibly do. It was really, really heartbreaking. The vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, it was decided that she was just failure to thrive. I've had an animal pass away but never had to put one down and I sobbed forever. Doctor White and Rebecca were so nurturing and understanding. They both were great at making us feel comfortable and let us know everything they were doing before it was performed and the possibilities of what could happen. I don't think this experience could have went any better. I am thankful this service is available and Minnie was able to pass away in our home, her home, and with people she loved. This company is great and so are the people that work here. I didn't even know this actually existed until this year but am so thankful my husband found it. I can't tell you how great they are and how thankful I am for the Doctor and the technician that came, they were truly a God send!!

-Alphonse and Courtney Barnes, Kennesaw


April 26, 2021

The wound is still fresh, but I wanted to thank you for your understanding, your compassion and the care you showed our sweet little Akuma. He lived like a star for these few months and made us remember why animals are so special. He helped us heal our broken hearts after our friend of 15 years Magneto passed in December. He gave us all the love he could in the short time he had and we'll treasure it always. Being able to say goodbye where he was the most comfortable and calm was all we could ask for.
-Sean, Amy, Blanka and Xavie, Atlanta


April 20, 2021

I had to put down my sweet dog, Ace, a few days ago due to cancer. It was such a surprise because it was so sudden. Even though I was distraught, the entire process was made easier by Sweet Dreams, and by Dr. Smith and her technician, Aimee. Sweet Dreams helped me work everything out immediately when I had to make the difficult decision. Dr. Smith and Aimee were so caring and gentle throughout the whole process, and I cannot thank them enough. They treated my sweet dog with all the love and the care I could have asked for. They were so respectful and so caring towards my family. Again, I cannot thank Sweet Dreams enough for making such a painful process just a bit easier for me.

-Emily Casey, Smyrna


April 20, 2021

I am so thankful to have had the support of Dr. Henson and Carline when saying goodbye to my amazing dog, Eko, last week. Their compassion and gentleness during the difficult time is so appreciated. To anyone reading this and trying to make the decision to let your pet go, the arrangements with Sweet Dreams are professional, and not overbearing during the difficult time. Thank you, Dr. Henson and Carline for going through the process with me, and giving me the time to grieve with Eko.

-Erin Conner, Acworth


April 12, 2021

First off, anyone that is reading this is probably in the position I found myself after 16 years of owning my first pet. My baby girl Semi for all her life was in good health, and aside from yearly checkups an active Blue Tick hound that never had any issues. The first signs of ageing took place about 2 years ago, and though she was not as active as she was previously still could do everything she could before just not as fast. As time slowly went by she started having issues to the point where she could no longer get up on her own. At that point I knew I had to have a plan in place for the moment when she no longer would be able to carry on. I did everything I could for her, but even getting in the car which was one of her most favorite things was no longer an option. A co-worker mention services such as this, and I looked around for local providers. At the point when my pet could no longer walk I contacted Sweet Dreams to go through the motions of arranging a visit. Two weeks went by and I cherished every moment. My pet was simply done.. Dr. Crowder came and it was such a blessing.. As a pet owner you have a responsibility to give them the best care, and make the difficult decisions to let them peacefully surrender to a better place.. I don't foresee being a repeat customer of Sweet Dreams any time soon, as I don't have any other pets, but to anyone who is reading this, I assure you this was the best decisions and the most humane way I could imagine for my baby girl to go out.. If you are unsure of when to do this, or if this is for you, I can say 100% I have no regrets and they will be there in this last chapter of a bond that will last a lifetime.. They take this very seriously, respond immediately and will answer any questions you have.. Again, I don't know who will read this, but I feel your pain, as does Sweet Dreams.. They truly care, and you will be at ease in the end, I promise..

-Jason Tarkenton, Cumming


April 9, 2021

My experience with Sweet Dreams (Dr. White and Carline) was more than I hoped for during this difficult time. Making the decision to end my "Little Buddy's" life (Allie) was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. It was made a bit easier because of the staff at Sweet Dreams. Thank you so much for your courteous and heartfelt service. The in home service is something that any pet lover should consider once going down this terrible, arduous path.

-Michael Hopkins, Taylorsville


April 5, 2021

I cannot say enough good things about Sweet Dreams. We had come to the point where we had to make the heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to our beloved 14-year old dog, Oliver. The staff at Sweet Dreams was incredible - from the receptionist to the doctor and the technician. Dr. Sutphin and Rebecca were so kind, compassionate, patient and caring during the procedure. They explained everything they were doing and gave us the time we needed to say goodbye. Being able to do this at home made Oliver's passing so peaceful. Thank you for providing this service and for your incredible staff.

-Adam and Kathy Richards, Acworth


Feb 16, 2021

Thank you Sweet Dreams for helping relieve our Rebel suffering! Dr. Crowder and Aimee were amazing during this trying time. Dr. Crowder confirmed that our sweet dog was hurting and this was the best option for him. AImee and Dr. Crowder allow us to love Rebel while easing his pain and allowing him to go to heaven with his brothers. We were able to say goodbye in our home. Thanks to Sweet Dreams!

-Lori Bane, Woodstock


February 7, 2021

Making the decision to let Goosy go was difficult. If you are in this situation, I highly recommend Sweet Dreams. We realized last year that Goose was suffering from doggie dementia. As his faculties started to decline, we had a hard decision to make. Our vet recommended Sweet Dreams to us. Goose hated riding in the car and was anxious at the vet so I didn't want the last thing I did with him to be a car ride to the vet's office. The team at Sweet Dreams were so kind and compassionate from the first phone call. Before, during and after the procedure, they explained everything that was going to happen. They made sure that Goosy's last moments were filled with peace and love. They gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye and were professional and respectful throughout. Being able to say goodbye to him at home while he sat in his own bed eating a plate full of scrambled eggs made this difficult situation much more bearable.

-Christy Caldwell, Canton


January 31, 2021

Our beloved Baloo passed away on 1/20/21. This big lug of love was 10 years old, 110 pounds and a 3 month old rescue dog.  He survived cancer 5 years ago. Dr. Ingels & Dr. DeMorrow removed a 6 pound tumor & he underwent 5 rounds of chemo successfully. He was their miracle boy & we were gifted many extra years with our beloved Baloo.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Dr. Ware & Samantha who graciously came to our home & helped Baloo pass peacefully. Every time I think of how kind they were to come & help Baloo I tear up. They were so compassionate, caring & understanding of Baloo and our grief over saying goodbye. This was was peaceful, calm, overwhelmingly sad and they supported us so well. I think of them as angels.

From the bottom of our family’s hearts we are so grateful for Dr. Ware & Samantha’s tenderness in helping us through these final moments.

Enjoy the pics of Baloo & God Bless you all at Sweet Dreams.


-Alison MacDonell

January 19, 2021

Aimee and Dr. Crowder provided my dog with dignity, respect, and pain relief in his final moments. Their bedside manner is nothing short of angelic. They were able to comfort me and my family during an extremely difficult time. They provided medical knowledge, allowed for goodbyes, and even provided us with much needed relief and laughter.

Thank you very much for your services. This is an extremely hard experience to have, and I am truly grateful for the way you handled everything. It was the first time in months I felt confident I had done the right thing for my dog. Thank you so much.

-Amanda, Alpharetta



December 10, 2020
I have experienced home euthanasia with a couple of my pets that were very aged or at the end from Cancer, however those procedures were scheduled after a vet did a quality of life check and it was decided it was time. I've never (and pray to god I never do again nor my pet experiences) had to have what I consider an emergency euthanasia. My precious precious Chi-Weenie, P-Nut 12 years of age had only 7 days prior been diagnosed with a rare prostate cancer. There was hope of shrinking the tumor with some new medication and he had had 3 "chemo" treatments. This cancer was advanced and extremely aggressive - to the point that I could not get enough liquid codeine (prescribed for his pain) into his 11 pound little body to take away the pain that he was experiencing. This was only over a couple of hours. I watched my sweet boy literally wild eyed looking, panicking and crying out. I called Sweet Dreams that morning when I knew things were going bad - they were to be at my home between 12 and 2. At 11:20 I couldn't risk that they may come towards the later time and was getting ready to rush him to my ER Vet. Sweet Dreams called me back within 1 minute saying "Dr. Crowder has left and will be there within 30 minutes" - they didn't want me to have to have my P-Nut endure the ride in the car and the potential of waiting in the ER. Dr. Crowder and her tech Aimee arrived quickly and didn't even worry about formalities but immediately went to P-Nut to give him much needed pain relief. The first was to put him out of the pain where he was resting comfortably and I could hug him and say goodbye before the actual procedure. I CANNOT express my utmost gratitude for Aimee and Dr. Crowder's sense of urgency, compassion, so so sweet and comforting to me too. I HIGHLY recommend Sweet Dreams and even more so, Dr. Crowder and her tech Aimee. Good, good people in a time when you need them. On behalf of P-Nut: Thank you - Aimee and Dr. Crowder, your help is beyond extraordinary.
-Kim Duncan, Cumming
November 29, 2020
My precious little brown tabby Persian Cat was within a week of her 18th birthday when the kind and compassionate Rebecca and Dr. Amy Crowder came to my condo to meet her. I had agonized over what to do. She had pretty bad osteoarthritis, her back hips were fusing together and it was hard for her to get around. I had to give her morphine every morning and night and she was more and more miserable. My boyfriend's daughter got in touch with them and we decided to wait until the weekend. Each day, I agonized if this was the right thing to do for her. My boyfriend, Glen, was so sweet to come over and wait with me until Dr. Amy Crowder and Rebecca came. they were so sweet, compassionate, let me move at my pace, and explained every detail of what I could expect. After they looked at her and saw how very much in pain and tired she was, they assured me I was giving her a gift. So they gave her a shot to sedate her and she went down in 2 seconds. Then they put her in my arms so I could hold her as she passed. Of course, I bawled like a baby, but I knew she was relaxed and in no pain for the first time in years. These two women carried my 6 pound Maggie all wrapped in a soft blanket and promised me they would treat her like a princess and I knew they would I have a picture of Amy and Rebecca carrying her and it is so sweet. To make such a difficult and agonizing event into something filled with love and compassion is a real gift and I will always be thankful. I miss my Maggie so very much and there are things that I just can't do or get rid of yet, but I'm getting better. I would love to send a picture or two, but am not sure how to do that. Can someone let me know. I would also be very happy to talk to anyone who is struggling with a decision. I love these ladies. Please let me know where I can post pictures of Maggie.
-Mary Stephens, Sandy Springs
November 21, 2020
Our family had to say good-bye to our beloved 13 1/2 year old corgi, Willis, last week. He was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in January, but since May had really started to struggle. I went back and forth on this decision for months, because he would have such good days and I felt so guilty. But it just became clear to me finally that it was time. Sweet Dreams and Dr. Tomlinson and Allison were so kind and hearing them affirm my decision truly helped. We sat in the sun with Willis as he fell peacefully asleep. We were given time to cry and and hold Willis and the way they respectfully handled his body meant the world to us. Thank you so much for your compassion to us on that day. Knowing Willis was loved right up until he left the Earth made a terrible day, a tiny bit better.
-Craig and Molly Broderick, Woodstock
October 21, 2020
Dr. Smith and Rachel made saying goodbye to our precious cat Annabelle go smoothly and peacefully. She was 17 years old, and had valiantly fought her nasal adenocarcinoma for a year and a half. The last few days, as she was able to eat and drink less and less, made it clear that we had to make the difficult choice of letting her go. We are so thankful for Sweet Dreams, as everyone was incredibly kind and gentle and thoughtful. Annabelle was the sweetest and most communicative of all the cats I have had over my life, and we are deeply grieving her loss. We were thankful to be able to say goodbye to her in the comfort of our home, and to be able to hold her as she was able to be in her favorite sunny spot in our dining room. We both were barely able to speak through our tears, but Dr. Smith and Rachel were both so comforting and so understanding. They really seemed to know how much we loved our Annabelle, who gave so very much love to us every day over the past years. We are so glad we didn't have to put her into the car and drive to our vet's for that final trip. We will never forget Annabelle and the love she brought us. And we will never forget the kindness and gentleness of Dr. Smith and Rachel. Thank you.
-Susan, Woodstock
October 19, 2020
If you are reading this testimonial you are more than likely facing what I consider one of the hardest decisions of our lives. We loved our little Sweet Pea for over 15 years and was shocked to learn on a Friday that she had tumors on her liver and spleen and was nearing the end. We had no idea we would be faced with the fact that her time had come on Sunday. Our vet had no on-call service over the weekend. Even though I begged the answering service to call it just wasn’t going to happen which in reality turned out to be a blessing. A friend told us about services that would come to your home and when I started to learn about it the first thing I saw was “Sweet Dreams”. We called and told them about Sweet Pea and something told me this was the best thing to do for her. Once we made the decision to go ahead they were here very quickly and were so wonderful. They listened to our wishes and helped us get through this in a manner of deep respect and dignity for our Sweet Pea. I can’t say enough good things about Sweet Dreams. Just know they will help you through this. So now we say sweet dreams for Sweet Pea.
-Susan and John Donovan, Acworth
October 14, 2020
Our sweet Hudson was a part of our life for 13 years and the decision to let him go was very difficult but with your guidance we felt that we were making the right choice for what was best for him. We miss him every day and there is an empty spot in our hearts that will not be replaced but your compassion during the process was very comforting. I could not have asked for a better passing for him in his home where he was most comfortable. Thank you so much for providing this service and guidance.
-From an appreciative family ~ the Molinari’s, Canton
October 9, 2020
Sweet Dreams was such a blessing for us to say good bye to our sweet Gracie ❤️ The staff was amazing and made such a sad time so peaceful!! I would never do this any other way for a loved one. Thank you again for your compassion during such a difficult time.
-Kim Pasqualone and Pat Goldie,  Marietta
September 24, 2020
Thank you so much for providing such a caring and compassionate service. Earlier this week, I said goodbye to my beloved feline boy, Vader. It was so hard to say goodbye after raising, loving and taking care of him for just over 16 yrs. But as his condition deteriorated after a stroke earlier in the summer, I needed to make some decisions. First, 'The Decision' section of the Sweet Dreams website was very helpful to guide me and I also had 2 personal referrals for Sweet Dreams. When it was time to say goodbye to Vader, Dr Crowder and Aimee were so compassionate and caring. Vader went peacefully. The pandemic added a special challenge to an already difficult & sad decision but the Sweet Dreams team had a good process in place make make the process personal and safe. Many Thanks to the Sweet Dreams team which includes Jen who spoke to me twice on the phone (while I cried) about the situation. You are all so very appreciated. Thanks to all again for what you do.
-Jenny Gilmore, Marietta
September 7, 2020
For weeks I had struggled with the knowledge that my Molly was very sick and uncomfortable. The strong medication she was taking was not helping her and her shortness of breath was getting worse. She had difficulty sleeping at night. Molly hated car rides and I did not want to drive to her vet just so she could be euthanized. I had been looking for a mobile vet that would come to my house. I called Sweet Dreams and realized immediately I was in the right place. The woman who answered the phone was so kind. I made the appointment and waited. But while I waited, I watched Molly roll in the grass and search for chipmunks. When Dr. Henson and Carline arrived they explained the whole process to me. They both are wonderful, loving people. I was able to hold Molly and kiss her goodbye as she peacefully slipped away. Sweet Dreams helped me to have a better memory of a sad event.
-Bonnie Nehring, Alpharetta
September 2, 2020
Sweet Dreams made the impossible decision to put our yellow lab, Foose, to sleep bearable. Even though in our minds it was the best thing, it breaks your heart to say goodbye. They were so compassionate and caring and took great lengths to explain each step and how the process would happen. It takes a special person to be able to give you comfort in those moments when we say goodbye to a piece of our hearts. We will treasure his paw print forever. Thank you for offering these services....
-Waldo and Patrice Smith, Cartersville
August 18, 2020
Our little Basset girl left us on July 29, 2020. An I am still not over the loss, but Dr. Crowder and her assistant were so terrific, it made this part of our life & Rosie's a lot easier. Their patience , & understanding in dealing with our grief was so helpful. Rosie was such a blessing to us she was a little clown & made Gary & I laugh all the time. One of her favorite things to do was to go out & greet the herd of deer every morning that came down to our creek to drink some water. She would run out & greet them, & they would come down to the fence to greet her. I love you Rosie, you were part of my heart & Soul, still are. Life has not been the same since you left....Mom.
-Gary & Earline Lockhart, Ball Ground
August 10, 2020
I want to express my sincere Thanks for Dr. Smith and Rebecca. Though it was an extremely difficult thing for us, you two gave us such an extreme ease when you arrived. You two were very compassionate, understanding, patient and caring during our difficult process. Prince meant the world to us and it was extremely grateful to have you two with us during our releasing our loved Prince. He was with our family for almost 15 years and it has left us heartbroken but I am at ease knowing we did the best thing by allowing our beloved Prince to go peacefully. God Bless you all at Sweet Dreams for your love and care for families who love their animals. We didn't lose a dog we loss a member of our family. Thank You----The Smiths, Powder Springs
August 2, 2020
Dr. Ware and Amy were wonderful. Very caring and professional , made my husband and i feel so at ease under the circumstance.I really appreciate how sweet and cordial they were with us and our Sweet Boy Chip who will be so Truely missed But never forgotten. Thank u Sweet Dreams so much for ur Service its the Best Ever.
-Tim and Melanie Nasworthy, Smyrna
July 19, 2020
We realized we had to let our sweet girl, Biscuit, go so suddenly it was difficult to process. Sweet dreams was a wonderful organization to work with during this incredibly difficult moment. They were transparent about every step of the process and incredibly respectful. Dr. Henson was professional and personal which I am so thankful for.
-Hailey Harmon, Decatur
July 3, 2020
My thanks to the two PROFESSIONALS who joined my family today to help our 12 year old greyhound cross the bridge. Your kindness and compassion were very much appreciated, and the time you allotted to the experience was very generous. You came highly recommended, and it shows in the empathy and professionalism we saw today. Our hearts are shattered right now, but there's more hope for mending them after this peaceful experience with our beloved retired racer. Thank you again.
-Michael Burns, Alpharetta
July 1, 2020
Dr. Henson and Aimee were exceptional. In these times of COVID and physical distancing, they still managed to comfort me through the hardest thing I've ever had to do. My Zoe had severe arthritis and just wasn't able to walk or do the things she enjoyed so much, like playing fetch/keep away. I guess we all second guess if we're making the right decision, but I felt Dr. Henson knew I was struggling with if this was the right time and after seeing Zo, she reassured me multiple times that this was the right thing to do. Zoe fell asleep chomping down on some potato chips in our backyard, and I really could not have imagined a more peaceful way for her to go. Thank you Dr. Henson and Aimee, for making our final moments go as well as they possibly could and for being so compassionate and comforting, even from a distance.
-Lori Phillips, Decatur
June 29, 2020
We had to say goodbye to our kitty of at least 16 years of age... He kept us all on our toes and he will be greatly missed. House is quite ... No more listening to him run around from downstairs from his rooms up on main floor... Near our bedroom... It's a bittersweet time as a year ago this same week we lost our great Pyrenees.... June 30 and he actually left us july 1 2019... I was in shock... Sudden loss.... To this day I am lost... I have lost all three of my babies back to back .... The last two through a weekend... I dread weekends when caring for a sick baby... I have to give the biggest shout out to sweet dreams... Thank God for you people who have dedicated your life to our fur babies... I will tell you Saturday night i panicked and picked up the phone once again desperately searching for help.... Nobody was around... However a sweet lady named Jen picked up phone from sweet dreams and tried her best to help me but it was late... The morning was my option unless i took him to a vet about 40 miles away and the stress our kitty would of endured was but worth it... The next morning I made that call for help again and Jen once again answered and set up appointment... She was so sweet... You know when someone is really compassionate and caring... She was the true meaning of caring... They came as quickly as they could on time and very caring... I had done this before at home with another vet and i have to say the experience also depends on how sick your baby is and the people who are there to help you and them.... Dr. Crowder and her assistant were the best... Almost seemed as if they were a close friend. I have never used sweet dreams before so i do not know this dr. I have to say. This world needs another 10 of her .... This was the most peaceful experience for us and our fur baby.... My husband held him the entire process until he passed on to join his brothers in heaven.... I am grateful you work as the need arises... I mean grateful... This is one profession that does not have enough help over a weekend when it seems my fur babies tended to need help. The places open are far away and very very expenses and in a time of need no money matters but reality is it does the next day when they are gone... If anyone reading has a pet and does not know what to do when your baby is sick or if your unsure of if its time to say goodbye please call sweet dreams... They are very professional and educated well to help you along the way... No rush and never once did i feel uneasy with the process.... Anything that was done dr crowder asked us first if that be be okay.... Very respectful and kind ladies.... From that first call to the actual appointment to the end of it.. Dr. Crowder.... Thank you for doing what you do... You are greatly needed and from our family greatly appreciated.... Lulu we will miss you sweet kitty.... Well he wasn't always sweet lol but we loved him... He was a baby to us...
-Teri and Travis, White
June 20, 2020
We are so saddened by the loss of our sweet girl Ellie. She was our empty nest baby after our youngest moved on to begin her life. I can only use two words to describe Ellie. Beautiful and Perfect. She brought so much joy into our lives. We will miss her forever. Thank you to the kind and compassionate care provided by Sweet Dreams. You made a most difficult decision easier for us. Special thanks to to Dr. Crowder and Melanie. Your support was so appreciated.
-Phil & Lisa Rodebush, Woodstock
May 19, 2020
Can't say enough about Sweet Dreams! They were kind and friendly and took excellent care of our sweet Molly. They made sure she was completely comfortable and gave us plenty of time for us to say our goodbyes. Would highly recommend and will use them again (but hopefully not for a long time).
-Nathan, Smyrna
April 29, 2020
The experience could not have been better. Dr Crowder and tech Aimee were wonderful and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our beautiful sheltie. It was so peaceful, no stress for our sweet dog, and their care and compassion is so evident. We are very grateful for their service.
-Lisa and Martin Taylor, Alpharetta
April 20, 2020
Sweet Dreams were absolutely phenomenal in their Care of our Sweet Little Boy 'Toto'. We were faced with one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make. Dr. Crowder and the Staff guided us through the process, gave us options and helped us to think through the situation.
When they arrived at our home they were extremely compassionate, comforting and patient with us. They helped to put our little Toto at ease as well as us.  I was able to hold him through the entire process. He kissed my Nose just as he fell asleep with the most Stoic look on his face. He was smiling and happy to be free of pain.  Amy Crowder Thank You for making the situation bearable for us. We are missing Toto like crazy and crying our eyes out, but we know he's at peace and running free. Thank You Sweet Dreams!
-Troy & Rhonda Lashbrooks, Marietta
April 14, 2020
Our little darling girl, Velvet was diagnosed with a cancer tumor the last of March 2020 and went down so quickly. In days she lost use of her hind legs and bladder control and was showing signs of pain. I gave her cbd oil to control the pain and tried desperately to find something that could help her. It was not to be. My husband and I had adopted her on our 45th anniversary in 2014 from a shelter as a "gift" to each other. She was a rescued yorkie-poo. And what a gift she was! She was such a joy to us and we were so thankful to our Lord for her. We took her everywhere and she always was the center of attention. She was in every way our baby. She was soooo sweet and gentle... had kisses for everyone she met and was so unusually intelligent. We had her with us for almost 6 yrs. But suddenly she was hardly able to move. The vet told us about Sweet Dreams. I called and the receptionist was so kind. They came on April 5th and since we are in the middle of the corona virus pandemic they had to do things differently; but were still so kind and caring. Our little baby went to sleep in my arms. I have no words to explain the emptiness that her passing has left. Dr. Crowder and Rebecca did all they could to make this time as gentle as possible. Only God can heal the brokenness we feel now; but we are trusting to meet her again where pain and sickness and death can never come. God bless Sweet Dreams for all they do and their warmth and compassion. We highly recommend them when it's time to let your fur-baby go.
-Ray & Rita Montgomery, Cartersville
April 6, 2020
It was so difficult to let our Callie go but Dr. Henson and Rebecca made it bearable. They truly were exceptional and we know they felt our grief and pain. We are extremely grateful for their guidance, kindness, understanding and gentleness in what was one of the most difficult decisions we ever had to make. Thank you so very much. You were a blessing to us at such a challenging time in our lives.
-Kathy, Roswell
January 28, 2020
My sweet girl Savannah - the queen of the poms - crossed the bridge in late January. Her list of many accomplishments is long, but she was "famous in Pawley's Island", in an Atlanta magazine, crossed at least 30 states, flew in airplanes, rode on the NYC subway and was even in the Chelsea Pride Parade on a float. What a lovely kween!
Sweet Dreams made her final bow special and respectful. I called a few months ago for information, and was put at ease that "when the time what right," I knew who could help. Sweet Dreams allowed a long time to say goodbye and remember all the good eats we had (in the moment and in the past). What I appreciated best about the service was the personal space allowed to share last memories. The team was nothing but professional, calm, kind, and patient. What else could I ask for?
The decision is yours, and I'll keep my personal memories to myself - but Sweet Dreams was uh-mazingly helpful in serenely helping Princess Savannah pass with dignity and ease.
-Kat Reynolds, Atlanta
January 10, 2020
Our sweet cat, Merry, crossed the rainbow bridge on 11/3/2019. Dr. Smith and Rebecca performed her in home euthanasia. Merry loved her vet, but the car ride to the vet would stress her tremendously. I was pleased to know that I wouldn't have to put Merry through any more stress and that I could hold her during the entire process. Sweet Dreams was the right choice for us from the sweet receptionist who answered my first call to Dr. Smith and Rebecca, who were so kind and compassionate. They were willing to give us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our baby. I just want to say thank you on the behalf of the Gomez family.
-Deidre Gomez
January 9, 2020

Yesterday I had to make the very difficult decision to put down my beloved great Dane Ares. Sweet Dreams was recommended to me by a colleague who used them a few years ago and who said that although nothing can alleviate the heartache of the experience, he would not have done it any other way. Everyone at Sweet Dreams was incredible, from the woman who took my call and had the patience to bear with me as I could barely compose myself to give her my information, to Dr. Henson and Melanie who performed the procedure and showed more kindness and empathy towards me and my dog than I have ever experienced or I could ever expect from two complete strangers. Sweet Dreams allowed my dog to pass in the comfort of her own home, in my arms and with dignity and love. I will be forever grateful that a company like Sweet Dreams and the kind, gentle people that work there exist. Thank you so much for providing a service that is incredibly important for the inevitable decision that many animal lovers will need to face. Your compassion towards me and Ares will always be remembered.

-Brennan Posner


December 29, 2019
Stormy Girl was a beloved part of our family for 15 years. She came to us as a stray from our daughter's work, Cobb Emergency Vet. Stormy had possibly been hit by a car and had a luxated pelvis. She needed a couple of months to heal before she could be adopted. While Stormy was convalescing, she was a very calm little pup, but her personality surfaced once we brought her home! We had no idea she was still a puppy or that she must have gotten pregnant during her very first heat cycle. She sure was full of surprises!

Once all the health hurdles had been cleared, Stormy settled in and became a unique member of the family. She loved to play and bark/ talk to us. She enjoyed belly rubs and "burying" her milkbones in the corners of rooms (totally not buried at all!!) She also loved playing with cherry tomatoes as though they were balls for 20 - 30 minutes until she finally realized they were food.

She's had her picture made with Santa, she's participated in owner look-alike contests (and WON!), she was very much a beloved part of the family. I don't mean to gush about how awesome of a dog she was, but I feel that some context gives a better idea of how much your service meant to our family.

Stormy left us on 10-31-19, it was a very difficult decision to make, but our baby was suffering and we wanted her to be at peace. Dr. Henson and Aimee came into our home and immediately gave us a sense of ease. Their compassion and professionalism made Stormy's transition as painless as it could have been. The process was thoroughly explained to us before anything was done. The hardest part was deciding where to have it done. We didn't really want to take Stormy to the vet because she always feels so nervous at the doctor! My daughter suggest Sweet Dreams because she is a vet tech and knew a few reputable doctors who worked for Sweet Dreams in the past. She had also heard good things from people in the industry. She said that of all this was the best euthanasia she had ever been present for (it's a weird "best" to have- but we are very grateful!) We were all able to stand around Stormy and pet her in her final moments and tell her how much we love her. We didn't feel crowded or stressed and Aimee and Dr. Henson allowed us to take our time saying goodbye. She is missed but we thank you for stopping our babies suffering and making her final moments the happiest they could have been, with peanut butter banana treats until she fell asleep (her Elvis treats). We cannot thank you enough for the care you gave Stormy and our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
-Gus, Joan and Janet Green, Smyrna


September 18, 2019
On August 31st you visited our house to help our beloved Milo cross over the rainbow bridge. I wanted to write this note sooner but simply couldn't bring myself to do so over the last two and a half weeks.

I wanted to thank you so much for the love and compassion you showed towards our dear Milo. My wife and I were simply amazed at how loving, kind and caring you were towards Milo and us both. The sweet kisses that Dr. Johnson gave Milo didn't go unnoticed and we were simply amazed at the love shown towards him. We didn't know what to expect that day and were comforted that you didn't make this process strictly a clinical exercise void of love and compassion. From start to finish you both were loving and respectful towards our Milo. We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Milo was with us for 15 years so the emptiness we're feeling right now is huge. His last week was full of love but a struggle for us both in many ways. We made our appointment with Sweet Dreams on the 26th so that week became an agonizing count down to your visit that Saturday. We made the most of it though and spent almost the entire time throughout the week with Milo. Milo always loved cooking on the grill with me and went crazy over steak. He had his fair share of it over the years and enjoyed a huge steak the night before your visit. In fact, he had so much of it in his belly he just fell asleep at his bowl when he finished. The next day we had him outside all morning long and spent his last two hours in the park up the road together. He enjoyed walking around as best he could enjoying the smells, grass and perfect sunny humidity free day. All week long my wife and I were praying that God would take him gently and peacefully and that is exactly what happened, in his own bed surrounded by his toys and with the people who loved him most.

It was not easy to see him go but Dr. Johnson and Melanie gave Milo a loving and peaceful journey to the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Our deepest thanks!

-Justin and Joanna Aggelakos


May 24, 2019
We are incredibly thankful for Dr. Crowder and Rebecca for taking care of Kevin's final moments with such dignity. My husband was so thankful that two fantastic ladies came to help us.
Forever Grateful,
-Jay and Tricia Lowe, Roswell, GA


April 17, 2019
Layla our 13 year old pet Rottweiler became ill recently and quite quickly. It soon became apparent that we would need to put her down. My daughter referred us to Sweet Dreams and my wife called and was treated with the utmost respect and empathy. They were able to come to the house and that same day and walked us the procedure. A veterinarian along with an assistant arrived at our home and immediately treated Layla as if she was their own and loved on her and both my wife and I. Layla was soon out of her pain and misery and although we missed her dearly knew we had made the right decision. If you are struggling with the same anxiety of how when it is time for your pet to move on please give them a call. They make a tough and extremely sad decision bearable and show as much compassion to you as well as your dear pet.
-Ron Keener, Woodstock


February 28, 2019
Goldie was found Christmas week, 2005, on the streets of San Francisco. She had scabs on her ears from a bad home clip-job and a wound on her leg from... (escaping her abuser?). The vet said she was about 6 months old, so I gave her my birthday which is in June. From that first week Goldie was my traveling companion, we did 2 ½ laps across the country together. I had hoped she would make it to 14, and that I could make the last 4 months of her life the best ever. Sadly, her cancer was moving too fast and with every vet visit another toll was taken from the quality of her life. I was, however, with Dr. Crowder's help, able to make Feb 28th, Goldie's last day on earth, the best it could possibly be for her.

Thankfully, Goldie was able to comfortably dream another running and barking dream; able to eat a delicious home-cooked meal, as much as she wanted; and to take one last walk with me along the path the deers take behind my mom's house. This is where the Dr. and her assistant met us and I laid out the sleeping bag that Goldie and I slept in together countless times, in countless places across the country. This is where she will continue to rest, facing the creek, surrounded by wildlife. She will love it, and I will love visiting her there.

There will never be another Goldie, but I will always have what she taught me, and I will be forever grateful for her patience with me, and her trust of me. We both did the best we could. And we had amazing adventures together, some more perilous than I had anticipated...sorry, Goldie... but you always came through as happy as ever. There were times when you literally saved me; by just your looks, your beautiful, teddy bear face and ears, your beautiful bully body that made strangers unsure if you were a boy or a girl, vicious or friendly. You never cared, or even noticed when people crossed the street in fear of you. You never gave anyone who actually met you any reason to worry about you. Your flirty, happy, self only wanted to love, to be loved... and food… 🙂

Good-bye Goldie, The Golden Boulder. The greatest teacher and the best friend I could ever have.
-Kytha Gernatt


January 30, 2019
Sweet Dreams came to our home to euthanize Daisy, our 16 year old terrier mix. We adopted Daisy just after we got married in 2003. She was a spirited little dog, so when she got cancer for the third time in her life, we just knew she would bounce back. After all, nothing held her back, not even losing her hearing. When the cancer took over her little body, she fought it, but one day she told us she couldn't fight anymore. Sweet Dreams treated Daisy and the rest of our family with such love, care, and respect. Dr. Kleinmann and Leigh were both exceptional. I appreciate their kindness, patience, and care they gave to us. It's so meaningful to us to have our beloved pets treated so well by people other than us.

Thank you for all you've done for our family.
-Rhonda Hertenstein, Woodstock



"Our beloved Great Pyr Bonnie of 12.5 years was diagnosed recently with arthritis in her hind legs, then her health rapidly declined, and we faced the heartbreaking decision to euthanize her this October. We reached out to Sweet Dreams and was at first skeptical of the cost and if in-home was our best option. 

When the day came, a Sunday, we reached out to Sara at Sweet Dreams and based on my description of her shallow and labored breathing, Sara recommended for Bonnie’s sake that we move forward that morning. Veterinarian Dr. Crowder and vet tech Leigh arrived an hour later, and it was entirely the right call. They were both highly professional and compassionate, and reassured us that we had made the right decision and that it was Bonnie’s time. 

We cannot say enough positive about these people and the organization – we were assured by their competence, and they handled the entire situation with highest standards of kindness and competence. We recommend Sweet Dreams most highly and thank them for all their courtesy and way of handling all the details for us in the best possible way. We miss Bonnie terribly, but everyone at Sweet Dreams helped make her passing the absolute best that it could be. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-Ned and Julie

"When I made the decision that my nearly 15 year old golden retriever, Laci, needed help in crossing the rainbow, Sweet Dreams came to my home. I had wanted Laci to pass in her familiar surroundings and not have her struggle getting her to the vet's office.

Dr. Crowder and technician Leigh arrived exactly when scheduled and gave Laci the dignity she so deserved. Laci's last 15 minutes were the greatest 15 minutes she had had in a very long time. Seeing her finally at peace and no longer suffering, confirmed I had made the right decision. Dr. Crowder and Leigh could not have been more caring and compassionate and made a lasting impression. Helping our loved fur babies cross the rainbow bridge is the kindest most humane thing we can give them in the end.

Thank you Dr. Crowder and Leigh and all the staff at Sweet Dreams for all that you do."
-Diane Clark

"On June 20, 2018, Dr. Crowder and Melanie came to our home in order to help us send our 14 year old sweet mini dachshund, Sophie, to her little doggie heaven. Sophie was able to be in her bed on our couch with us sitting beside her. Dr. Crowder and Melanie were so incredibly kind and compassionate from the minute they entered our home until they left with little Sophie. All pet owners know that at some point, they will have to face this moment. I can tell you that knowing our little doggie was at home and safe with her family, was very comforting in an otherwise horrible situation. I cannot thank your staff enough for the empathy and patience they showed us and Sophie throughout the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-Terri McCarren, Dunwoody

"I’m so thankful for Sweet Dreams and the amazing care they took with our precious Roxy. She would’ve been 18 in June. The assurance they gave me when they saw the doubt on my face; even as sweet Roxy tried to greet them when they arrived. Her last day was a day I hoped would never come but she could no longer hide her pain from me that day. She and I both knew it was time. The process was so serene and so peaceful and I knew it was exactly what Roxy deserved. She had given us 17+ years of pure love. Never was there a gentler or more loving dog as sweet Roxy. She even got to eat as many of her favorite treats as she wanted on that day. The chance to be home, surrounded by those that loved her and the opportunity for us to grieve as loud and open as we wanted. Thank you ‘Sweet Dreams’ for allowing our Roxy to pass with dignity and peace and without fear."
-Rene, Smyrna

"From the initial phone call to the departure Sweet Dreams made it possible for us to say goodbye to our "first child". Our 15 year old Golden deserved nothing but the best and that's what she received. Words can not describe how grateful we are to have had such peace and love surrounding her while she transitioned in her own bed in her favorite spot. Thank you Dr. Johnson and Leigh for making this inevitable time serene and peaceful."
-Amanda, Marietta

"First I want to thank you for providing this much needed service. I have managed for the past 20 years to have my pets euthanized in our home in familiar and safe surroundings. It was an agreement I made with the veterinarians who cared for our pets and I was fortunate that they came when needed. Our greyhound, “Big” was with us for 10 years and lived to be 13 years old. However, we knew it was time to let him go.

Dr. Pavlovsky of Midway Animal Hospital referred me to your service because they have been short handed recently and she was unsure she would be available when we needed. Your service exceeded my expectations.

The promptness of your return call and your willingness to schedule the euthanasia today was much appreciated. Most important, Dr. Johnson and Sarah were exceptionally warm, caring and gentle. They made the passing of our beloved greyhound as peaceful and comforting as I hoped. Please tell both of them how grateful I am for their kindness."
-Vicki Holland

"We said goodbye to our beloved Lucy last Sunday 2/11/18. Our hearts were breaking and the staff from Sweet Dreams came to our house and took great care with Lucy and with us. They made an impossible situation bearable. Thanks to the kind and gentle staff at Sweet Dreams!"
-Lisa Boardman, Johns Creek

"A year ago today, my sweet 15 year old Yorkie, Devin, passed away. He left peacefully lying in my lap in front of the fireplace. Sweet Dreams made his passing so much easier on Devin and me. They were gentle and thoughtful and I couldn't have asked for better treatment. Dr. Smith and our tech, Devin (yes, our tech's name was Devin!). were absolutely fabulous......more like family members than a service. I'm so glad I found Sweet Dream."
- Melise, Marietta

"When our beloved JOJO, a 15-year old Coton, was diagnosed with heart and liver disease and stopped eating, we came to the realization that she no longer had the quality of life that she deserved. Immediately after speaking to Dr. Crowder on the phone, we felt that we had made the right move contacting Sweet Dreams. Dr. Crowder was sympathetic and extremely understanding, When Dr. Smith and Julie came to our house to put JOJO to sleep, they were so incredibly gentle and kind. They understood our heartbreak and we will never forget the tenderness they showed throughout the whole process. Contacting Sweet Dreams was undoubtedly the best decision we could have made at this terrible time of sorrow in our lives. Everyone was amazing and helped ease the burden of this great loss."
- Susan & Steve Sadow



"It’s taken a while for me to be able to write about losing our dog, Roxy. However, I think it’s so important for people to know there is a group out there that is so kind and professional when they are helping you and your family say goodbye.

Not only did Dr. Crowder and her team come to our home and help Roxy die with dignity and without pain, they also listened and honored our request that she spend her last moments in the place that she loved - outside, in the sunshine, with her ball and her family. I have since recommended this compassionate group to 4 different families and they have all had the same positive experience as us. Thank you Sweet Dreams."
- Dr. Cinnamon L Sullivan, Decatur

"I wanted to thank Dr. Johnson and Kelsey for helping us care for Emma last night. This was a day we've been expecting for quite some time, but knowing it will come doesn't make it any less painful. I was so afraid of this experience... afraid that we would second guess our decision, and afraid of seeing Emma suffer.

In the brief time between the sedative being administered and Emma drifting to sleep, we were able to see her pain-free for one last moment. We were able to feed her treats, pet her, and have one last moment of joy. We were able to spend her last few minutes at home where we all felt safe and comfortable.

When Emma passed, we were all able to say goodbye on our own terms... something I am so grateful for. I'm also grateful for the thoughtfulness of Dr. Johnson and Kelsey. Making this decision is extremely difficult, and they helped make a very sad moment as gentle as possible for everyone."
- Grant, Decatur

"My sweet little angel Lucy was just too tired to go on after almost 15 years with us. Very hard thing to accept. Dr Johnson and Kelsey were a God send to me today. Never dreamed of such sweet compassion and professionalism. They were like family gathering in with us knowing just what needed to be done and just what to say to reassure us. And let me just say Sarah...the first voice I heard this morning when I was at my lowest was so kind and caring. I knew after talking with her I had called the right place. I thank God for all of you. Lucy was so precious to me.....and so are all of you at Sweet Dreams!!!! Thank you!"
- Cheryl, Canton

"It's been just 36 hours since our sweet German Shepherd, Tetley left us, but it has been of enormous comfort to the whole family that she was able to pass on our terms, in our home, with time enough for all of us to be as ready as you can be during such times. She was 14 1/2 years with us and lived in America, the UK, Shanghai, China and back to USA again. She was the solid rock that was always there and we loved her to pieces.

In her final weeks, Tetley showed many signs of dementia and constant pain. She always hated the vets (and also the car in the final years) so having someone come to our home was the only choice for us. I am so impressed at the service provided to us by Sweet Dreams and would never do anything else again. Tetley left us with the taste of steak in her mouth and with loving hands on her until the very end. What more could you wish for your fur baby? She had a happy life, rescued from the hell that was her first 5 weeks, and was loved every single minute. We miss her terribly but are very thankful for your service. You made it as easy as is possible and our sweet Tetley has no stress or pain at the end."
- Owen, Marietta

"I am thankful for Dr Johnson and Kelsey's kindness and compassion towards both myself and my Esme. Esme's passing was peaceful and for that I am extremely thankful. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Greene

"After agonizing for months over the decision to let my beloved golden retriever, Scout, go, I decided to use Sweet Dreams. Right from the beginning phone call, Sarah's compassion greatly helped to put me at ease. I can't say enough about Dr. Johnson and Kelsey. They are wonderful, kind, compassionate, and competent angels. God bless you."
- Cheryl, Woodstock

"We had to make the very difficult decision to say goodbye to our 17 year old cat, Murphy. First, the Sweet Dreams website helped to put our minds at ease that we were making the right decision. When Dr. Johnson and Kelsey arrived, they were so caring and compassionate to both Murphy and to us. We cannot thank you enough for providing such a valuable service."
- Deb & Dave, Marietta


August 23, 2017
"We had to say goodbye to our beloved 14 year old Jack Russell little girl "Gizmo". It was and is the hardest thing we have ever had to do.. Without a doubt we recommend "Sweet Dreams" to be there for you in your time of pain and suffering. Dr. Crowder and the staff were the most compassion and humane to Gizzy Girl's final needs. God bless for people like "Sweet Dreams" !!!"
- Scott & Audrey, Cumming


"I would absolutely really recommend Sweet Dreams to euthanize your beloved pet. I had to say goodbye to my cat of 15yrs and they guided us thru the extremely emotional end of life of my cat. It is the best gift you can give to them, so they don't suffer any further then they have to. Worth every penny,they come to you and do it at home."
- Linda, Woodstock

"We said goodby to our dear, sweet, 14 year old Molly a few days ago, and even though we knew it was time, we were heartbroken. Thank you to Dr. Smith, Kelsey and Dr. Crowder for their caring, compassion and patience in making the passing as comfortable as possible for all of us. It was such a comfort to us to have Molly pass in her special place in our home. Although the tears are still fresh and we miss her terribly, we are so grateful for the way Dr. Smith and Kelsey cared for her."
- Ann, Alpharetta


August 19, 2017
"I had to say goodbye to my 16 year old cat, Bono, on August 18, 2017. Dr. Smith and Kelsey were so kind and understanding and I am grateful for all they did."
- Sandra, College Park


July 24, 2018
"On June 25th 2017 I had to say goodbye to my 11 1/2 year old Rottweiler, Shadow and after much consideration we decided to use Sweet Dreams. As difficult as this was Dr. Crowder was wonderful and so was her assistant. This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make and even though I knew it was time I did not want to say goodbye. She was so kind and loving with my sick baby. These people are angels and when the time comes for my other babies, I will definitely use Sweet Dreams again. Thank you so much for all the love and care."
- Amy, Acworth


July 8, 2017
"We had to have our Golden put down due to some health issues. We struggled with the decision but knew we wanted to have it done at home where she would be at peace instead of taking her back to the vet's office. BEST decision we ever made. Dr. Smith & Liz were so kind & compassionate to us & to our Alley. Life is hard sometimes & we are forced to make tough decisions. Dr. Smith & Liz made this tough decision so much easier. Hopefully we will never be in this situation again but I promise you if we are we will call Sweet Dreams without hesitation!"
- Lori, Rome


July 6, 2017
"We said goodbye to our seventeen year old Chihuahua yesterday. Sweet Dreams brought grace and dignity to the process. The level of care and understanding was wonderful. Thank you."
- James, Kennesaw


June 26, 2017
"November 20th, 2016 I had to say goodbye to my Roman, my beloved baby of 10 years. I began my search for in-home euthanasia services after he was diagnosed with late stage osteosarcoma the month before, but it wasn't until a few days before his passing that I chose Sweet Dreams and I am so glad I did. Start to finish, they made this process as painless as possible. They were so kind to my precious boy in his final moments and I recommend them to anyone facing this difficult decision."
- Sarah, Woodstock


May 30, 2017
"We received the Client Experience Survey last week, but when I got to the "Additional Comments" there wasn't enough room for me to express my true feelings. So, I decided to put them on your website, instead. About the "Veterinary Team," - I consider them to be ANGELS, who have escorted two of our precious fur-babies from this world, into the next. Their compassion, knowledge, and hearts, gave me the strength to set them free to pass peacefully and with dignity in my arms, resting in the familiar chairs we had spent so many hours cuddling together over so many years. Thank you, Dr. Crowder, for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you, too, Lynette, for your gentleness and comfort. Both times - January 27, 2011 and May 8, 2017, were beautiful farewells that I'll never forget AND will always cherish. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart."
- Diane Leonard


May 23, 2017
"Thanks Sweet Dreams for taking care of our beloved dog Preston! You made things so much easier for us doing this difficult time! You were so kind and loving talking care of Preston and we thank you so much for coming to our home! An although we miss him dearly we know that he is resting in a better place without anymore pain! Thanks so much for making it easier to say good-by in the comfort of his home."
- Loretta, Kennesaw


May 21, 2017
"I want to thank you all so much for making this terribly sad experience the best it could possibly be. Your compassion and patience were so appreciated from the moment the phone was answered till you took my girl away. Thank you for the service you provide."
- Maria Zewald


April 23, 2017
"The Sweet Dreams team couldn't have been more kind or helpful when it came time to let go of our dog. They provided assistance and great comfort during this sad time. Our sweet dog did not like going to the vet, and having this team come to our home made all the difference. She was able to stay in her home and her final minutes were peaceful. Thank you!!"
- Chase, Roswell


April 18, 2017
"Dr. Smith and Devin were wonderful, and I greatly appreciate their professionalism and compassion yesterday afternoon. Very hard to say goodbye to Mr. Panther after 17+ years as I had him from when he was just a few weeks old. He was the most gentle and patient cat that I've ever known. Not once did he ever scratch, hiss, bite, or claw at either myself or my sons even when they were toddlers playing with him. Miss him a lot, but thank God for blessing my family with Mr. Panther. He will never be forgotten."
- Dwight, Marietta


April 16, 2017
"This was the hardest, saddest decision I've had to make, but the care and empathy from Dr. Smith and Kelsey made the situation as peaceful as possible. We were so relieved to be able to say goodbye in our own home. Thank you so much for this service."
- Jennifer, Woodstock


March 31, 2017
"The decision to end your pets suffering is heartbreaking. The Sweet Dreams team made this horrible situation bearable because they were considerate of you and your pets feelings. The compassion and professionalism for a team you've never met was amazing. My sweet Gopher had extreme anxiety going to the vet. Having the Sweet Dreams team come to my home hopefully made the transition to the rainbow bridge for him more peaceful. They truly are amazing."
- Julie Frye, Roswell


March 28, 2017
"Unbelievably professional and caring hospice vet and assistant. So very caring and gentle with our Otto. Nothing they could have improved upon. So grateful for this service. Thank you!"
- Susan Butler, Acworth


February 22, 2017
"When one loves their pet enough to let them go to Rainbow Bridge without question "Sweet Dreams" is the greatest last gift we gave our 18+ year old Sweet Allie 2-20-2017. Dr. Crowder and Sarah are Pet Angels with the love and care they gave not only to our Allie but to us as well. No rushing, no other patients, just your baby and you. The hearts these women have are genuine and they are doing this for the right reasons, so difficult to watch such pain and yet they know exactly how to ease, calm, even chuckle when people mask pain with humor. Allie had a beautiful day doing everything she loved as we prepared for that 5:00 pm time. I wanted her in my arms wrapped in her blanket outside where she came to love. Dr. Crowder and Sarah complied with every wish and every tear with such compassion and love. Although we have broken hearts, we loved Allie enough to let her go thanking God my husband found Sweet Dreams. Thank You Again for all you did for the Babys breath Bunch! ;)) Humor is my mask ;( you know, and understood, thank you."
- Jim & Peg Fustino, Kennesaw


January 15, 2017
"My feisty and charming Calico Kitty was lulled to sleep by Sweet Dreams on December 3 2016. Callie was sixteen in November. She had battled kidney disease for over a year, but I was so hoping to keep her a while longer. Bandit and I have a huge hole in our heart. I did not know there were so many tears in me. Bandit is a gorgeous silver tabby who has had Callie in his life for most of his fifteen years.

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Meghan Smith and Kelsey M for the loving care they provided to Callie, as well as to me and Bandit in our home. They led us through every step with kindness and empathy. I don't know how I would have managed without them."
- Brenda S., Atlanta



November 27, 2016
"When you see a decline in the health and habits of your beloved .. loyal pet..and your intuition tells you s/he won't get better..the emotional brain doesn't want to believe..so we needed someone skilled to evaluate and guide us in making a very difficult decision. When our family chose to call Sweet Dreams it was because we wanted to do the best for our Ozzie and need guidance..From beginning to end.. Sweet Dreams came to our rescue and provided the expertise and understanding we needed to do the right thing for Ozzie, There was absolutely no doubt as to what we needed to do by the time the physician explained the physical nature of what Ozzie was experiencing and how he was probably trying to hold on and show bravery for us.

So..surrounded by family..lots of love and plenty of tears,,we said good-bye to Ozzie as he ate his last meal and we told him he didn't have to protect us any more. It couldn't have been more perfect and Ozzie was peaceful. The service also took Ozzie from our home afterward to be cremated. The entire process was discreet, empathetic and loving. We tell everyone..everywhere we go of the amazing group of people at Sweet Dreams. I can't say enough about the entire beautiful..loving and caring staff at Sweet Dreams."
- Deborah H., Smyna


November 17, 2016
"Our dog, Howie, was having some deteriorating health recently. He was 14 and a beloved member of our family. After a difficult decision, we called Sweet Dreams. When they arrived, they were lovely. They said hello to us, but got right down on the floor with Howie to give him some love, too. They took time explaining the process and at no time did we feel rushed or that they didn't care.

It was peaceful for Howie at the end, being at home and surrounded by love. We were able to hold him while we said goodbye to our big 95-lb furbaby. They were respectful of our grief and even as they removed Howie from the house, they did so with care and gentleness.

This service was a godsend for our family - giving us the opportunity to have Howie home with us at the end. I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other way. Thank you, Sweet Dreams, for what cannot be an easy task, but what has provided us with comfort."
- Allison, Fayetteville


November 5, 2016
"Our 12-year old Shepherd mix, Chance, had been going downhill for a while. But over last weekend, he took a rapid decline and could no longer walk. We could tell he was struggling with the pain. So we made the most difficult decision, and found Sweet Dreams through the web. We made a call to them on a Sunday night, and even though they didn't have a listed open appointment, Dr. Crowder and her assistant, Margaritta, came to our house early the next day. I was amazed by their compassion and professionalism.

It's never an easy thing to do, but they made it as easy as possible for both Chance and for us as grieving pet parents. They were patient with us and explained each step along the way. Chance passed peacefully and quickly. When it was over, they even gave us some private moments to allow our other dog to see Chance before we removed his body from the house. When the time comes for you to give your pet an easy passing, I highly recommend them.

As all four of us gently removed Chance's body from the house, a red-tailed hawk perched on a limb just over our heads to watch. Our belief is that the hawk was sent as a messenger to tell us that Chance was over the rainbow bridge and that we made the right decision, both to help Chance pass when we did and to do so at home."
- Lori Rich & Ellen Fox, Marietta


October 20, 2016
"Our 16 year old cat named Kit was so terrified of going to the vets office that last visit there she even bit me, her loving owner! That aside, she grew very sick and I called Sweet Dreams. The last thing I wanted to do was traumatize this cat during her last hours. Kit was in her favorite spot and she felt absolutely no pain. It truly was peaceful and she no longer suffers. Dr. Smith and her tech were so consoling to me and so loving to our beloved pet. Also, I was struggling with a decision and I knew it was time and yet your vet wanted to pursue more testing and more pain to the animal. Sweet Dreams validated my thought process and assured me this decision was now what was truly best for my pet. I even hugged them when they left (and I a not a hugger!). Sweet Dreams Kit."
- Anne Olson, Dunwoody


September 19, 2016
"Sweet Dreams made a difficult time letting our Sasha go much easier. We are grateful for their service to come to our home so we could say goodbye while holding her in our arms. The ladies were respectful and showed much caring for us and for Sasha. It is terrible to have to let a pet go but there is an alternative than the standard vet office experience. Sasha was suffering and the last thing we wanted was to take her out of the environment she felt safe in. Sometimes loving a pet is letting them go even though it is SO hard to do. Using Sweet Dreams (which was recommended by our vet) was a good decision to make. Once you schedule the visit they will take over from there and all you have to do is love your pet. Sweet Dreams make all the arrangements you request so it makes the situation less stressful. We are still grieving for our Sasha but we are thankful to Sweet Dreams in helping us through the process. Bless them and their work - Run Sasha Run - You are young again and strong."
- Jann Yvette, Powder Springs


September 9, 2016
"Thank you for helping Duchess pass so peacefully and in the comfort of her own bed. Your compassion and kindness made this awful decision so much easier. I am so happy you do what you do."
- Trish Woodham, Canton


August 28, 2016
"I'm thanking "Sweet Dreams" for the superb and professional service they provided in caring for my family member "Max" I was distraught and didn't know which way to turn. I searched online and found Sweet Dreams. They created and provided a caring and comforting environment and treated Max with respect and dignity. They also allowed me to express my loss and took time to explain the process, while allowing time for my grief. Today, I thank God for Sweet Dreams."
- Tanis, Stone Mountain


August 27, 2016
"I would recommend Sweet Dreams to anyone who must say goodbye to their friend. It's a sad fact that if we love animals and they let us share their lives we will have to say goodbye way too soon. Bailey was a nearly 16 year old German Shepherd mix and after weeks of agonizing over the decision I knew it was time. Dr Bahr and Jasminne were exceptionally kind to a man who couldn't stop crying. They were gentle and respectful with Bailey. They were competent and professional. Instead of taking a trip to the vet in her last moments she was able to rest in one of her favorite spots. Thank you Sweet Dreams."
- Rod, Woodstock


August 2, 2016
"We had been anguishing for several weeks, with the difficult decision of when to let Lucky beagle go. He was blind, deaf, and becoming more feeble, and we hated the thought of traumatizing him with a trip to the vet. I had found Sweet Dreams online a while ago, and felt this would be the most gentle way to say goodbye to Lucky. Dr. Crowder and Heather were such kind souls, and we were so grateful with the compassion and respect shown to Lucky, and to us. Our sweet boy was surrounded by warmth and love, and I know he didn't suffer. Our heartfelt thanks for helping us through this time."
- Barb Russell


July 7, 2016
"Just about a year ago we rescued 2, 4 month old kittens. They were brother and sister (Hyde & Jackie) and as cute as could be. A few weeks before his 1st birthday Hyde was diagnosed with FIP, an incurable fatal disease. Although we tried our best to treat his symptoms the disease was overwhelming him. It's was so painful to watch this once energetic and playful cat sit crouched for hours starring at the floor or wall. As much as we wanted to hang on to Hyde we knew it was time to say good bye and end his suffering. We contacted Sweet Dreams and Dr Crowder scheduled an appointment for the following day.

Dr Crowder and her tech, Margarita arrived right on time. They were so professional and understanding of our feelings at this difficult time. They explained the medical process and answered all our questions. As we sat in our living room, Hyde was in our loving arms. Dr Crowder administered the medication and we were able to love on Hyde as he left us and his sister. We promised to watch after her for him. Dr Crowder and Margarita allowed our family time alone and when we were ready, carried Hyde away with such dignity. Our family is so appreciative for their service and professionalism."
- Mark & Patty Turpen


April 24, 2016
"I want to tell anyone considering Sweet Dreams to make the decision to use this caring group of people. They were very communicative throughout the appointment stage. Additionally, they were kind and let me have the time I needed with Cricket when they came to my home, and also talked to me about Cricket's disease. I am so glad we had this painful process done at home, where Cricket was put to sleep in her bed, rather than from traumatizing her in the car. Everything about the process was the best it could be under the circumstances, thanks to these people."
- Cami Fowler


April 12, 2016
"Calling Sweet Dreams was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my sweet kitty Tinky. Her heart was so stressed from thyroid disease I don't think she could've endured the short trip to the vet. Dr. Smith and Stacy were so incredibly warm and supportive throughout the entire process to enable my little angel to peacefully pass to the other side. Their consoling words were extremely helpful at a time of such anguish ... and were prepared to stay until my husband and I were ready to say goodbye."
- Robin Borland


March 29, 2016
"I will forever be grateful to Dr. Crowder and Leigh for their services when I finally realized it was time to let my dear Gozo (pronounced Goso) Kitty go. These two dear ladies drove all the way out to my house in Dallas and had the patience of saints. The day I called I was in tears. The day they showed up, I thought I had my emotions under control until I opened the door to let them in, and then I cried the whole time they were here. They reassured me that it was ok to cry. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. They answered all my questions and talked me through the whole process. They were so calm and gentle and personal yet professional. We all three sat on the floor with Gozo when it was time to say goodbye. These women must be called to do this, because they are gifted. They helped me prepare his body for the drive to my Mom's house where I would bury him. I can't praise them enough. I feel quite confident, now that I have had time to process this decision, that it was the best thing I could do for my cat. He hated the vet and he loved visitors. He thought he was receiving visitors to enjoy his wonderful presence and he was. He never once showed any of the normal signs of aggression and distress that he faithfully showed at the vet. He seemed peaceful throughout the process. I am so so grateful for your service, and that my cat's last moments weren't filled with the terror that he normally felt at the vet. His last moments were peaceful and happy. I pray your kindness is returned to you a hundred fold. God bless you both."
- Cheryl Bennett


February 11, 2016
"It was with a very heavy heart that I called Sweet Dreams to euthanize my beloved Chihuahua Nicky. He had battled heart issues for the past 6 years. The meds were no longer working. His body was shutting down and I knew it. Dr Crowder and Leigh could not have been any kinder or more compassionate. Their concern for not only me and my boy but my Children was just amazing. They have such a peaceful way about them that is truly a gift. They made a very difficult situation manageable. Nick was terrified to go to the Vet so it was much easier for him to be in his home, surrounded by the people he loved. He went very peacefully. This was the final gift I could give to a sweet boy that gave his all , everyday to his Family. Nick, run free and find your sister. See you again someday my little man."
- April Orcutt, Canton


February 9, 2016
"Sweet Dreams was truly a fantastic service. They were so perfect to work with. They responded immediately, and were very understanding and flexible when we kept rescheduling. Most of all, they were calm, helpful, supportive and caring. We have told everyone just how wonderful Leigh and Dr. Bahr were to work with, and in managing the delicate task of putting our dog to sleep. Considering traumatic situation we had, they were a joy to have around."
- Kel Kelly, Decatur



December 7, 2015
"We are so thankful to Dr. Crowder and Margarita who made a terrible situation much easier to handle. Our beloved Kelly had been in our family for 13 years and will be missed more than words can express. Knowing that she was surrounded by her loved ones on her favorite bed in her last few minutes was far less traumatic than going to the vet. Dr. Crowder and Margarita explained everything, gave us time when needed, and knew all the right things to say. Kelly went happily and peacefully and we could not ask for a better send off for her. We highly recommend this to anyone facing this tough decision and who wants to do the best for their pet."
- The Raven Family, Roswell


September 30, 2015
"My sweet Marley, an 8 year old flat coated retriever, was diagnosed with cancer 16 months ago, more recently the cancer spread to his lungs and we suspect his brain. When it came time to say goodbye to our dog, Sweet Dreams was there in our time of need. I could not have asked for a more peaceful, more kind experience for our dogs last moments on this earth. The staff took care of me, my other dog and gave Marley just a very kind gift of being at home, with all his "babies" in his favorite place. I will always always appreciate your staff. Thank you."
- Liz Lintner, Marietta


September 2, 2015
"I can't thank the Sweet Dreams team enough for their compassionate and loving help in sending our beloved Buck on to his next adventure. Being able to say goodbye to Buck in his home, on his favorite bed, where he is most comfortable was truly a blessing. They did a beautiful job in honoring Buck and in allowing him to keep his dignity in death."
- Douglas LaPointe, Alpharetta


August 31, 2015
"The decision to let our 17 year old dog, Abby, go was the most difficult. She was afraid of going to the vet, so the idea of her being in her own environment was the best decision for us. This was beyond our expectations for her. It was the most beautiful peaceful loving send off and I'm so grateful for Dr. Bahr and Leigh. They are truly Angels on earth."
- Myra


July 27, 2015
"My husband and I could not thank Dr. Smith and Margarita enough for their compassion on Sunday when we put Our beloved Saki to sleep. She was our baby who gave us 16 years of wonderful companionship. She had a personality that everyone remembered. We have deep holes in our hearts. Thank you for having a wonderful staff that cares about the owners as much as their pets."
- Karyl Maiorana, Mableton


June 2, 2015
"5 weeks ago, we had to put down our beloved Boxer girl. Kiera, who had gotten mast cell tumors and could barely walk any longer. Having never had pets growing up, I knew when the day would come to put down our girl, that this would not be at all easy to do. While it definitely was not easy, Sweet Dreams caring and compassionate team made it very comfortable for us and for Kiera to be laid to rest. Our pets are so much a part of our family and I was so grateful to have heard about Sweet Dreams and thankful for their care, patience and assistance during this difficult time."
- D. Ulrich, Woodstock


May 18, 2015
"I can't express enough how compassionate and caring Dr. Meghan Smith and Leigh Hunt-Bland were Saturday to not only our precious kitty, Abby, but to us as well. Your sympathy and humane demeanor made this transition far more bearable in the comfort of our home, rather than a hard, cold veterinarian's office. You both were so tender, understanding and warm hearted. Thank you for the peace of mind you gave us. You offer an amazing service to humanity as well as our 4-legged loved ones!"
- S. Greene, Marietta


March 29, 2015
"Thank you for taking very good care of my 14 year old sheep dog/border collie mix. He was unable to use his legs any longer. Your service blessed him and us with a peaceful transition in our home. The attendants were compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, and provided and brought peace to a very difficult situation."
- T. Orlin, Marietta


January 30, 2015
"We had to say goodbye recently to our beloved Sadie. She was a shy, lovable Golden who was my constant companion the last eight years. The decision to let her go was very difficult, but her kidneys had finally given out. We were so happy to know that an organization like Sweet Dreams was available. Sadie was home, surrounded by love, and resting comfortably in her bed as she gently drifted away. I held her the entire time. Dr. Crowder and Leigh were indescribably kind and compassionate before, during, and after. We are forever indebted to them for helping and guiding us through this painful journey."
- Scoot, Acworth



"Indy our 13 yr old beloved Weim had cancer in his spleen. We had been working with our vet to manage his quality of life, but he took a turn for the worse over the weekend early in October. Our normal vet who we love and trust had a family emergency and was going to be out of town for at least a week. He had stopped eating and we knew it was time to let him go.

We found this service online looking at reviews, but this was the first experience we had losing a pet. They were so patient and understanding. They took the time to explain what would happen both before - during the appointment setting, and then again at the house. They gave us plenty of time to say good bye and were very respectful of our privacy and feelings during a difficult time. After going through this process I can't imagine doing it at our vet's office even though we are very close to them, being at home was so much easier on us and our sweet boy. I'd highly recommend them for anyone facing this difficult decision."
- J. Robinson, Marietta

"We appreciate the great gentleness that was shown to our family as we said goodbye to our wonderful dog, Copper. The whole family was together. Copper was able to finally get the rest he needed, in a loving and kind way with us surrounding him."
- A. Hays

"I never regretted the decision to ease Kit's suffering. He was by my side during the most difficult moments of my life, and I could not have imagined asking him to endure more pain and sickness. The process was beautiful. He was deeply loved and in my arms throughout....safe and secure, the way he always made me feel. Thank you Sweet Dreams for being there for us."
- J. Kramer, Smyrna

"I lost the "review" card, so I wanted to post a testimonial to the page. We had to say good-bye to our beloved Agatha on October 2. Dr. Watkins and Leigh helped her pass. We still miss her so much, but I honestly do not know how I would have gotten through the process without Sweet Dreams. Both were so kind, so compassionate, and so patient -- my husband and I were sobbing, and I was babbling on and on with stories. I wish my baby was still with us, but having Sweet Dreams come to allow her to pass peacefully at home was the last gift I could give her."
- S. Weiss, Kennesaw

"I cannot adequately express my thankfulness for the services provided by Sweet Dreams. To know that my kitty could go to sleep happy, in my arms, is such a blessing! I have had other pets put down at vet clinics and every one was a horrible experience, Sweet dreams allowed me to handle losing my beloved cat so much better because she was not afraid or on a cold metal table.. I could never thank them enough. <3"
- K. Sebastian, Acworth

"We wanted to express our gratitude to Dr. Julie Watkins and to Carrie of Sweet Dreams who visited our home last Friday. They were very gentle and kind to our dog Lola. In fact she was licking them and nuzzling them and felt very contest to have them there. They were also incredibly empathetic that we were making a very difficult decision. They facilitated her passing with our entire family surrounding her in our home in her own comfy bed. We are thankful that you offer this valuable service for those who wish to end their pets suffering. It was a loving as it could be."
- S. Matthews, Marietta



"Sweet Dreams is a godsend. Dr. Crowder and Jessica are, simply put, two of the most beautiful and compassionate spirits I have met in a very long time. Unfortunately we had to meet under the worst and most painful of circumstances when we had to call them in to euthanize our beautiful 12-year-old lab due to cancer that had metastasized and she was rapidly declining in health. Our regular vet of over eight years really let us down, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened because it gave us Dr. Crowder and Jessica. Having them come to us and take care of Amelia was so very comforting on one of the worst possible days you can imagine. After meeting Amelia and showing her love, they took the time to explain every step of the procedure with us. They gave us the time we needed, and were so gentle, warm and caring with Amelia, she loved them immediately. She knew they were here to help her. What a special gift it is for Dr. Crowder and Jessica and all the special people at Sweet Dreams to be able to ease your pain when losing such a special part of your family and yourself. I will be forever grateful for how they took care of Amelia and how they helped us as her family.

I just can't say enough about how special everyone is that I have had contact with at Sweet Dreams. I had to call after hours on the day prior to our scheduled appointment to request an earlier appointment the next day because I knew Amelia was losing ground, and even after hours Nikki answered the phone and took care of everything. The whole team at Sweet Dreams is really wonderful, caring, compassionate, and each very special in their own right. Thank you so very much for alleviating some of the anxiety and being so in-tune with the owners as well as the pets. You are all wonderful."
- Cindy Stephens, Waleska

"Sweet Dreams provides a wonderful service to pet owners. Our dog Sable was a part of our family for 15 years and our kids grew up with her. Sadly, her body was giving out and we had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her. Sweet Dreams was recommended to me by a co-worker who had recently used their services for her dog. I called the office and spoke with Jessica. She was patient and caring and took the time to answer all of my questions. I decided to set the appointment.

From the moment Dr. Crowder and Candice arrived at our home, we felt at ease. They were gentle and caring with our sweet girl. Their skill and professionalism was matched with their patience and empathy throughout the procedure. They explained what to expect every step of the way. It was a heartbreaking time for us and we are so grateful to Dr. Crowder and Candice for taking such good care of our dog Sable and our family."
- Heidi Sowder, Alpharetta

"Angus was our cat of nearly twenty years. He was a member of our family, our very dear friend and we loved him as much as he loved us. Last month, our family had to make the very difficult decision to let our very dear friend go on to his next chapter. He never wanted to give up and we never wanted to give up on him. We spent many months with him in treatment, surgery, medications and special diets. But, he let us know, in his own way it was time.

I made the most difficult phone call that I have had to make in a very long time. It was very emotional for us. Nikki, of Sweetdreams was very compassionate and kind. It was our decision around timing and they accommodated us. Within three hours, Dr. Bahr and Jessica arrived in our home. They were so kind and compassionate and explained the procedure and were so patient with us, and never rushed. They handled our much loved pet Angus with such gentleness. Angus quietly and peacefully drifted off to sleep in his favorite bed, with his small family around him, gently petting him as we moved on to his next life. Sweetdreams took Angus to be cremated and two days later I picked up the urn, which was later inscribed with his picture. The crematorium they use was equally compassionate and kind and we have a certificate assuring us we have his remains. Angus now sets on top the fireplace mantle, overlooking the family and his favorite spot in the family room. He is no longer in pain. As we began the healing process we are making a shadow box celebrating Angus. We found it comforting that Jessica had taken a paw print in clay which we inscribed, fired and painted for his shadow box. Sometimes the tears are still there, but we have many memories and the realization that Angus passed peacefully, at home in his favorite place, with those who loved him by his side.

We appreciated the kindness, support and professionalism that Dr. Bahr, Jessica and Nikki extended to us. We can not say enough kind things about this team. They were there when we needed them and gave us so much comfort during this difficult time."
- Anna Peterman



Dr. Crowder and Jessica ended my beloved Ewok's suffering with dignity, warmth, comfort, and skill. They were prompt and well prepared. They spent more than enough time with us. Dr. Crowder consulted Ewok's veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. They valued my grief and Ewok's well-being. Sedation went well and my precious boy-cat gently drifted off without feeling anything that followed. He stretched out on his favorite bed. I sat beside him the entire time and stroked his head. Ewok hated being in a carrier. Packing him and dragging to a clinical setting would have been a horrible way to leave this earth. I'm very glad I chose Sweet Dreams to relieve Ewok of his suffering from a terminal illness. I highly recommend this service.

Loretta Ann Cardinale, Canton


Dear Sweet Dreams Doctors & Techs,

Romeo, my 14 year old male Pug, who died two months short of his 15th birthday was an amazing companion and friend. He was loyal til the end. He taught me what unconditional love is all about. I've had him since I was a teenager. He's been with me through my dating years, through my marriage, through the birth of my 3 kids, through our move from Miami to Atlanta, and just basically has been a big part of my life for almost as far back as I can remember.

My dear Romeo was almost about to have his 15th birthday, when we discovered he was in the advanced stages of prostate cancer and there was nothing doctors could do to save him, but give him pain meds and anti-inflammatory pills, all of which were no longer working. He went from a physically fit dog with just a little vision and hearing loss, to a dog that lost weight, wouldn't eat, couldn't poop or pee, no matter how hard he tried, to barely being able to hold his own weight all within a 6 week period. I struggled with making the decision to euthanize him, until the day I heard him cry in pain. I knew right then and there that it was time. I definitely wanted it to be in the comfort of his own home. I did not want his last moments on Earth being tense, scared and shivering with his tail between his legs at a vets office. So I did a google search for in home pet euthanasia's in the Atlanta area and quickly found "Sweet Dreams." What an appropriate name!! After so much research on Euthanasia I was terrified of the side effects I had heard about from friends and family, But my Romeo literally just drifted off into a peaceful sleep without showing any of the side effects(tremors, eyes open, a bark or whimper, tongue hanging out, pooping or peeing etc.) of Euthanasia I had heard about.

Dr.T and Jasminne were amazing! Such sweet, soft spoken, compassionate ladies. They came in, took their time, loved on my Romeo and the rest of my pets. They sat on the floor with us and listened to stories of Romeo's life, and showed so much compassion and love. Dr.T assured us that he would feel no pain. She explained the whole procedure and how it works. She explained to us that the first step was to give him a quick shot of an anesthetic, like they use for surgery, that makes him real relaxed and sleepy and not feel a thing. Then of course the Euthanasia solution that literally takes seconds. Jasminne, the tech, was gently petting Romeo throughout the whole procedure. It was, actually a bittersweet moment, knowing he was no longer in pain and was resting peacefully.

To top it all off, they gave us a clay paw print of his, and a clipping of his hair to remember him by. I thought that was so special. They also gave us a folder with a Rainbow Bridge Poem on a rainbow colored paper that was absolutely beautiful and another beautiful pet loss poem. There was also pamphlets on understanding pet loss and the grief process etc. I think it's beautiful how not only are they taking care of our beloved pet's last moments on Earth but they are also caring about the pet owners feelings and grievances.

Thank You Sweet Dreams for being there and helping my sweet Romeo to drift off to sleep into a "Sweet Dream." You are appreciated more than you know!

Jennifer De Soto, Dunwoody


We finally came to the extremely difficult decision to have our beloved pet of 5 1/2 years put down yesterday. We called and spoke to Jessica and she answered all of our questions about the process and we made the appointment for that evening. The doctor (apologies for not remembering her name) and Jessica arrived and again went over the entire process in a very caring and loving manner. Since we were hurting a lot with knowing the dreaded day was here, they listened to all of our memories of our dog, Mocha during better times.

We must say that the entire process, from the first time they came to the door and until they left, was a very calming and peaceful experience. They stated that there have been times when they would arrive at an appointment only to find that the pet was not ready to be put down so they do not do this "just because" and for a quick buck.

We had hemmed and hawed about taking our pet to a vet's office to save a buck and get it done quickly but after we went through this process, we have to say that we would do this all over again and opt for in-house euthanasia. Our beloved dog, Mocha was so much a part of our family that this made so much more sense. She was old, had dementia, and her happy face had gone vacant in the last few months. We were able to hold her after the sedative and we passed her to each member of our family so we could say our final good-byes. We were also surrounding her when the last drug was given. Since she was sedated, she did not have to go through the ordeal of shaving her arm, putting in the catheter, and taping the catheter to make it stable. Having not seen her wag her tail for months she did so right after the sedative was administered. We'd like to think that it was a moment of no pain for her and she was happy again if only for a few brief seconds.

If you have a pet that tugs at your heartstrings each and every day and are dreading the fateful day, please know that if you go with Sweet Dreams, you will not regret it. Doesn't your pet deserve to be at their home when their day has come? Their last vision should be you in their normal surroundings and not in a sterile doctor's office (no offense to the vets) where most pets get scared anyway. We are so happy that we made the decision to go with Sweet Dreams. We will miss our little sweetheart so very much that it will take quite a while to mend our broken hearts but having her pass at home was priceless. Thank you Sweet Dreams for easing our sweetheart's suffering and helping her pass to the Rainbow Bridge. We can't thank you enough.

LeBlanc Family, Sugar Hill



"Sweet Dreams helped us through one of the most painful moments of our lives. We loved our old dog Bella so much, but her quality of life was rapidly declining. We didn't want her to suffer. A final trip to the vet would have been traumatizing for her and for us. Our Vet told us about Sweet Dreams. Dr. Nicholson and Jessica came to our home last Friday. They were sweet and kind and understanding and patient. They allowed us to spend as much time with Bella as needed and on our signal gave her a shot that made her completely relaxed to the point that she began snoring. Then she got the shot that stopped her heart. Her passing was calm, peaceful and loving. She was in our arms and in her bed. We know she now is in a better place.

We are very grateful to Sweet Dreams for the wonderful service they provide and the caring way they deliver it. Dr. Nicholson and Jessica, we thank you so much for allowing Bella's departure to be dignified and free of any anxiety or pain. It is how we all should be allowed to go when our time comes, as Bella's had."
- Marc & Lee Stern, Acworth

"Unfortunately I've needed the help of Dr. Crowder for the second time in the last two years. My dog Whisper suddenly became very sick due to a ruptured tumor. The situation was unexpected and I was unprepared to make the difficult decision that had to be made that evening. This happened very late at night, however Dr. Crowder made herself available because of the urgency.

Recently I had to help a family member that had an elderly cat who needed to be euthanized. Unfortunately this was while out of state and done at a local vet. After witnessing the drastic difference in not only the procedure itself but more so the lack of compassion, I'll NEVER go through this process with anyone other than the staff at Sweet Dreams. Thank you for helping me make the painful but right decision in regards to my beloved pet Whisper."
- Tim Walters, Woodstock

"Dr. Crowder...just a quick note to thank you and your team for your in-home service today with Honey, our 13-year-old yellow Lab. Obviously a very tough time for us, but you made it as comfortable as it could possibly be.

In thinking through all the big and small aspects of the service and your process, I honestly can't think of a single thing you could have done to make it better. Thank you for being there for us."
- Scoot, Alpharetta

"These ladies are so kind its awesome. At a most terrible time they were very gentle with my baby and consoling with my husband and me. My vet let me down when this time came and these ladies took care of us right away. Thank you so much, you made this time a bit easier."
- Chris Scoot, Norcross

"Dr. Crowder, We appreciate so much the kindness and compassion you showed for us and Maxx. It was really hard to let him go but you and your assistant made it much easier for us.to say goodbye. It gave us peace during his last moments because you were so gentle and caring with him - he really did just go to sleep on his favorite spot on the couch. It's so quite at our house now without him - we really miss his bark and his cute ways, and we can tell that Ollie misses him too! However, we have such wonderful , lasting, memories of our best buddy and family member! Thank you again! Please feel free to use our testimonial or share our contact information for a reference at anytime."
- Brenda O'Connor, Acworth

"Losing my Maggie was so hard after her 9 month battle with lymphoma but Dr. Crowder and Jessica made her passing more peaceful since we were at home. These ladies are so professional and caring and took care of me also. Thank you Dr. Crowder and Jessica."
- Jill Kalina, Kennesaw

"Thank you so much for helping make the passing of Priscilla more bearable. I can't find the words to express the love and joy she brought to our lives and how much she is missed. We are so thankful to Dr. Crowder and Erica for their compassion as we said good bye to our precious girl. I have some peace knowing she is pain-free and enjoying the sunshine at Rainbow Bridge."
- Melissa Steiger, Smyrna

"Just want to say that Dr. Crowder and Jessica were hands down the most professional, compassionate, caring ladies I have ever met. During our last moments with our AWESOME ALEX (the prettiest Golden Retriever ever!) were the hardest for myself and my family, but having Dr. Crowder and Jessica there to allow us to have a beautiful and peaceful good bye, we wouldn't have done it any other way. I give our greatest gratitude to these wonderful ladies. Thank you for loving our Alex as if he was your own, and thank you for having such compassion for my children and husband. This was and is still very painful, but we know he is up in Heaven running like the wind! Again, Dr. Crowder and Jessica, Thank you!"
- Mike, Michelle, Courtnie, Brandon and Jacob Nikitaides

"Dr, Crowder &Jessica were amazing!! They took all the time needed to explain everything to my 10 yr old niece who had become VERY attached to my 13 yr old dog, Bobbi Jo. It was so nice not having to make Bobbi Jo spend her last time on this earth riding in a car & hurting! I will be using this service for all my babies. Thank u for making a horrible time in my life a little better."
- Loni, Canton

"I could not ever thank Dr. Crowder and Jenna enough for making my hard experience of putting down my "1st child" after 14 1/2 years of companionship a wonderful one. Ashleigh was a wonderful cocker spaniel who I loved very much! I could not have imagined taking her into the vet's office in her last moments of life. THANK YOU FOR THE SERVICE THAT YOU PROVIDE!!!!!!!!!!"
- Amy Johnston, Marietta

"Thank you very very much for making the unbearable task of putting our sweet old Dog Becky to sleep lastnight somewhat bearable. We could feel your compassion and your ability to empathize with our pain. Our pets leave feetprints on our hearts always. Now we have the peace of mind of knowing her final moments were pain free and she has crossed that rainbow bridge. Sweet dreams is a Godsend."
- Debby Matulevicus

"Thank you so very much for making the passing of our little girl, Jozie, as peaceful and as comfortable as possible. Being able to hold her in the comfort of our home as we said our goodbyes was invaluable. Your understanding and the great care that you took with Jozie is at testament to your dedication to assist pets and thier families with a peaceful passing."
- Stuart Lyle, Kennesaw

"To my sister (Donna), my husband (David), Dr. Amy Crowder (from Sweet Dreams, In-home Pet Euthanasia) and her technician (Nadine) - You were the angels last night who helped set Roc's spirit and soul free from his crippled and diseased physical body. His passing was such a beautiful, peaceful, and loving experience. As my sister said..."lots of hands could have done what Dr. Crowder and Nadine did, but not with the same amount of heart.

Our friend Marshall Choka, an incredible songwriter, singer, musician, and human being, wrote a very special song years ago, and some of those lyrics came to mind after my sister made that comment..."I hand over my heart to those eyes of blue" - their hands, their hearts, and their promise to me - the one with eyes of sadness. Believe it or not, Roc was so calm and in such a peaceful state, he snored until the second he passed. What a way to go!!! So," be patient, my angel boy, and I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge."
- Diane Leonard, Marietta

"Our dearest Carly – we miss you. You were “The Huntress” of our home, saving us from bears, opossums, birds and the crazy squirrels with your every being. While you may have been selective of your friends here, we’re sure that you, Rosie, Cheyenne and Muffy are waiting for us. Play hard and enjoy! Thank you, Melissa, for your compassionate and kind heart in our moment of choice. You made Carly’s transition one that will be treasured as calm and peaceful."
- Jeffory Jolly



My Cooper passed away last year from Cancer. We adopted him from boxer rescue 10 years ago and loved him dearly. I still think about him every day. He was my precious boy. Dr Hendricks was so nice and very sincerely compassionate. I know it has been over a year since you helped us and honestly it has taken me this long to write this because I miss him so much, but I wanted to thank you for being there for us. I really don't know what I would have done without your help. Thank you so much.

Amy Jackson, Acworth


On November 7, 2010 Sweet Dreams was kind enough to come to our home and help us let go of our beloved cat, Sniper. They were extremely professional, understanding, and reassuring as my husband and I made the toughest decision of our lives. Sniper was only 7 years old; she was my special friend and was always there for me, during good times and bad.

As difficult as the decision was to let her go, I am so thankful that Sweet Dreams was there with their personalized service. Sniper hated the vet with a passion and it makes me extremely happy to know that she was comfortable in her own home before passing over to the other side.

Sarah Mills, Atlanta


Yesterday, I had to make the decision that almost every pet lover dreads... having to end a beloved pet's life. My cat, Abbie, had been sick for several weeks, and after several trips to the vet, she seemed to be getting worse. Over the course of a weekend, she declined rapidly. Being 16 years old, I knew that any radical treatments to save her life would be more for my benefit than hers.

I found Sweet Dreams online, and after reading so many wonderful testimonials, I decided that helping her pass at home was the best thing for both of us. Dr. Crowder and Christine had an availability that very afternoon, and while I don't think one is ever really ready, I knew Abbie was, so I made the appointment.

They arrived promptly and were so compassionate throughout the whole ordeal. They let me take my time through the process, all the while explaining what to expect. Right after the final injection, Dr. Crowder let me know when Abbie's heart had stopped beating. She was laying on my den floor on a towel, and within seconds of her passing, the sun came out from behind clouds, came through my window and through the beveled glass on my coffee table. It cast the most brilliant rainbow on the floor next to Abbie for about about 30 seconds, and then it was gone. I commented to them that I guess that was Abbie crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. Christine said the timing of its appearance gave her chills. I guess it was Abbie's way of letting me know she was okay. I'm so grateful such a service as Sweet Dreams exists. I highly recommend them to help you get through a painful process with professionalism and the utmost compassion."

Cheryl Totty, Duluth


On September 6, Sweet Dreams came to our home to put down my 13 year old Springer Spaniel. Moab was my best friend and the only consistently positive force in my life for the last 13 years. Through every personal disaster, Moab was there to remind me that I always had him when others deserted me. To say I was heartbroken is a gross understatement. Over the last three years, Moab had also taken residence in the heart of my boyfriend, who was equally crushed by his impending death.

Dr. Hendricks and her assistant (whose name I do not recall, I'm so sorry to say) were beyond professional. They were patient and kind, and didn't rush me as I told them stories about Moab after they completed the euthanasia process.

The compassion shown to us by these two professionals rendering extremely heart-wrenching service, provided us with great comfort at a difficult time. Euthanasia was definitely the right choice to prevent my dog from experiencing additional pain. It was a relief to know that this horrible stage of his life was over and that with gentle hands, he was elevated to a better, pain-free place."

Louise Chiffonade Brescia, Vinings


On August 25, Sir Duke, a 14 year old Shepard/Chow Mix, transitioned from this life to a new one over the rainbow. Adele and Stephanie helped make this transition so much easier for him. They talked to him and loved on him as if they'd known him for such a long time; like old friends. The transition for our family was so much easier as well. Stephanie and Adele talked us through and walked with us every step of the way.

As hard as it was to let go of Duke it was harder to watch him push on just for us. Duke was my best friend, my gaurdian, my companion, my confidant. Things won't be quite the same. But the quiet, gentle homegoing, here at home, with the family and now friends by Duke's side, was bittersweet. It's never easy to let go and it was not easy for me, but the kindness shown will never be forgotten. Thank you Stephanie and Adele for being so kind and gentle and loving. Thank you for the Rainbow Bridge you gave us. The colors will remain with us forever.

Patsi Jackson, College Park


If there is a perfect way for you to help your hairy kid be put to rest and help his soul pass over, Sweet Dreams, is the answer. Words can not express ALL that they do. Dr. Crowder and her assistants, have thought of every little detail. From the beautiful paw print to the folder with helpful information to help us grieve. They are genuinely caring, warm, and very professional. They realize that the 14 wonderful, beautiful years our Sammy gave us was precious beyond words, and they treated Sammy with such respect, as well as showing respect and sympathy for us. The memories of his peaceful release they provided is priceless!

Dr Crowder, I hope you realize what a special person you are for sharing your passion to care for animals and their owners during the most difficult time of their lives. It is a very special gift you give. Your spirit is strong and bright, and it touches everyone who is in need of your service

Teresa & Duane Oakley, Ball Ground


We were unprepared for our 14 year old Lab to suddenly let us know it was time to go. Dr. Crowder and her assistant rushed to our home on a Sunday morning and handled everything. She was so sympathetic and gentle. Even our Moose gave her a wag as she entered the room. This has been such a difficult time, but at least we know he didn't suffer and wasn't afraid, and that we did everything we could to show him he was loved and cared for. We can't thank her enough for making Moose's passing so peaceful.



Dr Crowder and her assistant were wonderful during this hard time. They gave me as much time as I wanted to spend with my boxer, Greta. They really understood how I felt and made this experience a little less painful then taking Greta to the vet. A few days after the in-home visit, I received a handwritten letter of condolence that meant so much. I hate that anyone would have to go through this, but their services were amazing. Thank you!



Today my baby Parker was sent to heaven. This has been a very hard time for us. Dr. Crowder and her assistant were very kind to us and to Parker. She gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. She was very gentle with Parker and because of that I honestly believe he never at any point felt any pain. Parker will be missed so much. I just want to thank the people at sweet dreams for making a very painful experience somewhat tolerable. Having it done in our home made it a lot better for us. Thank you for doing what you do.

Helen Moore, Dallas


Thank you all VERY much for what you did today.

Thank you Dr. Crowder for all of the info you provided on all my calls beforehand, though I probably drove you nuts with all the questions. Thank you Dr. Hendrix and Katie for your extremely professional and sympathetic way of doing things, which made all the difference in the world. For the record, I have NEVER shown my emotions openly around strangers ever in my 44 years, and the fact I was able to open up around you all shows you are doing something right and make people feel comfortable.

I am extremely grateful this service exists, and for the professional and sympathetic way the staff handled this, as it was one of the hardest events to get through in my life. Thank you very much. I would recommend this route for anyone faced with "the decision", as it's so much easier on the pet and owners.

 Greg Henry, Powder Springs


Dr. Crowder,
words can't describe the difficult experience of going through with what needed to be done for my dog Bodhi. As much as I couldn't handle seeing him suffer any longer, I struggled a great deal in making the final decision. Your guidance, compassion, and understanding throughout the last few months of Bodhi's life were greatly appreciated. Confirming that it was time, and that I was without-a-doubt doing the right thing made it much more bearable and relieved me of any guilt.

I had a great deal of anxiety about the actual event, but the kindness and understanding shown by yourself and your assistant Jenna helped make the experience a very peaceful one. It was extremely difficult to let go of my companion of almost twelve years, but afterwards I was at peace and mostly felt relieved in knowing I made the right decision... and most importantly my friend was no longer suffering.

Tim Walters, Woodstock


I just want to thank Dr. Crowder and her assistant for helping me get through what was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Last Monday I had to say goodbye to my sweet little Polly. I was torn about the decision and wondering if I was making the wrong one. After Dr. Crowder sedated Polly, she was able to really examine her poor little legs and validated what I knew all along. Polly's hind legs would never work...even what would be multiple surgeries, and a lot of pain wouldn't guarantee a fix.

Dr. Crowder and her assistant were both so kind, gentle, and caring. I know Polly wasn't in any pain and it seemed like she just fell asleep. I never realized this would be so painful. Tomorrow will be 1 week and my heart is still aching but when the time comes for my dog Dixie to go to heaven, I will call on Dr. Crowder again. I can't imagine doing something like this any other way. Thank you Sweet Dreams...

Lisa Larkin, Alpharetta


Today I lost a precious part of our family. My Sadie was my baby girl for the last 16yrs. and can never be replaced. After crying and praying all morning I finally broke down and called Dr Crowder for help. Dr Crowder and her assistant were the answer to my prayers,they came to our home where my girl was lying comfortably in her bed. Sadie had lost all use of her hind legs and had not been able to get up all day. They visited with us and listened to our Sadie stories,stroking Sadie all the time making her feel very loved and comfortable. When we were ready ....and after Sadie finished her favorite cookies,we said our goodbyes and my girl just went to sleep. It will take awhile to stop crying but I know my girl is up and running around with our son Chris that passed in 06,she always gave him the best kisses. Thank you Dr Crowder, you made a horrible ordeal bearable for us today.

Kathleen Baswell, Woodstock


Although my heart still aches enormously, I want to thank Dr. Adele Hendrix and her technician for helping my mastiff, Max and me through the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I have MS. Max was not only my pet, he was my friend and constant companion. I loved him as if he were a child of mine. I had him for seven years. He had developed hip dysplasia and several other health issues. I would have kept him with me forever; but I couldn't stand to see his pain. He tried very hard to mask it; but we both knew the truth. Sweet Dreams is still helping me deal with my grief. I am taking a course on grief healing that is in their resources. I pray for God to help me through my sorrow. Thank you Sweet Dreams.

Beverlee Browning, Acworth