If you have any questions regarding pet cremation, euthanasia, or any of our other services, take a look below at our FAQ. Many pet owners have the same questions so we've compiled a list of questions and answers to better help you.

"Defining 'Quality of Life'" by Moira Anderson Allen, M. Ed

Whenever one considers the painful choice of euthanasia, one is always advised to take the pet's "quality of life" into account. But what is "quality of life"? How can you determine whether a pet is still experiencing a good quality of life -- or whether its level of suffering is no longer acceptable?

That decision is individual to every pet, and every owner.

Helpful information

The Grieving Process
You have had your pet for 10 years...12 years....19 years... That is a very strong relationship you have built, especially since your pet has only desired to please you and give you companionship. Take the time to grieve that special relationship and friendship. You have spent more time with your pet than many of your extended family and friends, so why treat the death any differently than another family member or friend? If you are worried that coworkers will judge you or you are not comfortable telling them your pet passed, tell them you have had a death in the family and you need some time-you have had a death in your family.

Remember to talk to family members about how they are grieving. If they are not ready to talk, that is okay, too. Try to remember that everyone greives differently. One way to try and help someone open up would be to share funny stories about your pet. Was he/she a good puppy or kitten?

Helping Children Cope
We are often asked whether or not children should be present for euthanasia. Our answer is always the same, it is a very personal decision and everyone has different schools of thought.

For more help on deciding if your children should be present, please contact your pediatrician.

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Helpful resources


The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Inc.
Non-profit organization dedicated to helping people grieve the loss of their pet.

The American Veterinary Medical Association
Information related to making the decision for euthanasia.


Pets Everlasting 
A pet loss community where you can always find an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.

Pet Loss Support Page 

Animals In Our Hearts 
To help bring comfort and healing to humans grieving the loss of their animal loved ones.

Grief Healing 
Offers you the information, comfort and support for anticipating or coping with a significant loss in your life.


The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Inc.
A pet loss community where you can always find an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.

Books Especially for Children