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Pet Cremation Services in the Greater Atlanta, GA Region

Our onsite crematory facility ensures your beloved pet never leaves Sweet Dreams Care. From the moment your loved one comes into our care, we track their movement from your home to our facility and back to you. We have open and transparent tacking systems to locate your pet so you can rest assured that you are getting your pet’s cremains back. Every pet that comes into our facility is treated as if they were our own. We understand that this is a painful time, and we want to help soften the transition. If you choose the communal option, we will spread your pets ashes among our gardens on site so they will be a part of the Sweet Dreams Memorial Gardens. Individual cremations will be returned to your home, available to pick up on site or returned to your veterinarian.

Cremation Services

After your pet has passed, you have many options ranging from Private Individual Cremation, Communal Cremation and At Home Burial.

If Sweet Dreams In Home Pet Euthanasia performs the service then there is nothing you need to do. Their staff will transport your loved one to our crematory center in Woodstock. From there you will receive notifications of the status of your pet from pick up at your home thru completion. Your pets’ remains will then be returned to you, returned to your Veterinarians Office or you may come pick up at our facility.

If your pet is euthanized at your Veterinary Facility, in home from another End of Life Provider, or has passed away at your residence you may arrange for Sweet Dreams Crematory to pick up your pet and transport to our facility. If your Veterinary already Partners with Sweet Dreams Crematory they will handle the pick up and returns on your behalf. Regardless of how your pet comes to us you will have access along every step of the process to see where your pet is.

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Options for Individual or Communal Cremation Available

Private cremation means that your pet will be the only pet cremated at a particular time and completely separated from any other pet. You will receive your pet and only your pets’ ashes. We have many safeguards in place to track your pet from the moment they are brought into our care to the time we return them to you. You will have access to our Pet Parent Portal which allows you the option to follow along for peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of him or her and that you receive your pet back. Pricing for cremation depends on the size of your pet and can be discussed over the phone.

Communal cremation is available at a discounted flat-rate since you will not be receiving ashes after cremation. This is essentially a means of caring for the body if you do not desire to have return ashes and or do not have an adequate place for burial. Once your pet is cremated, we will spread their ashes in our Memorial Gardens located on the Woodstock Campus. The Gardens will be open to the public. Open times will be posted seasonally.

You may also choose an at Home Burial depending upon your municipality’s regulations. If you need assistance with preparing your pet for burial, our staff can prepare your loved one for an at home burial. If this is a service, you are interested in please call our office to discuss the details.

Sweet Dreams Commemorative Products

There are urns and memorial products you may choose from to commemorate your pet. Engraving is available on many of the urns. Communal Cremations are spread in our Memorial Gardens, and you may choose from a wide variety of commemorative products as well including paw prints, locks of hair, photo frames and jewelry.

Why Choose Sweet Dreams Crematory

Sweet Dreams In Home Pet Euthanasia has a longstanding reputation since 2008 for providing exceptional levels of care for families who are making the difficult decision for end of life care in home. In the past Sweet Dreams has partnered with cremations facilities that have furthered this level of care ensuring that your pet is treated with the same care and compassion that you have come to expect from Sweet Dreams. In 2023 the decision was made to open a new sister company that provides cremation services on site so that your pets remain with the Sweet Dreams family from beginning to end. The equipment that we use is state of the art and has Best-in-class technology, performance, and environmental protection from the global leader in crematory manufacturing and service. Our facility is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in aftercare for your pet. We consider them as if they were our own and care for them in the same manner. From our state of the art equipment to our many safeguards to track the cremains so that our Clients are assured that they are receiving their beloved pet.

As a Veterinary Partner we make the process seamless for your staff. Our website allows you to notify the facility when you have patients that need to be picked up. Your staff can easily navigate our software powered by AngelPaw and track when their clients pets will be returned. Our crematorium staff take the utmost care in receiving, handling and returning and take great pride in being able to provide these services to your Staff and Clients. We remain transparent throughout the entire process and aim to provide the absolute best service in the Metro Atlanta area. Please let us know how we can help you and elevate your service offerings.