Experienced Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Atlanta

Sweet Dreams In-Home Pet Euthanasia provides our pet euthanasia at home services to the greater Atlanta area. Our skilled staff members can provide euthanasia and quality of life consultations for your pet.

Our in-home pet euthanasia services

Sweet Dreams In-Home Pet Euthanasia has beenĀ servicing the greater Atlanta area ever since 2008. The services we offer to you include:

  • Guidance in helping you make the right decision for your pet, whether it's euthanasia or not.
  • Exams and consultations prior to putting your cat or dog to sleep
  • End of life pet care.
  • Euthanasia in your home. During our visit, you'll receive a clay paw print for remembrance.
  • Helpful information regarding the loss of your pet and the grieving process that follows.
  • Cremation/burial options and services. We can discuss these options prior to our visit to your home.
  • Communication of any necessary information with your veterinarian.

In-home euthanasia

Often times, the vet's office causes pets stress and anxiety. Our goal is to eliminate that fear so that your pets' last moments are comfortable, in their own bed. This way, your pet will not know we are veterinary staff when we arrive. In-home pet euthanasia is an amazing alternative to the veterinary clinic. We are able to make this experience more intimate and peaceful. You will have complete control of the situation. At the time your cat or dog's euthanasia, you will receive a clay paw print to remember your beloved pet, along with pet loss and grief information.

Exams and consultations

Prior to your pet's euthanasia, if you are unsure of your pet's quality of life, or you would like to meet us prior to the euthanasia visit, we can see your pet for an exam. With our years of experience and expertise, we can help guide you towards the right decision for your pet, which may not always be euthanasia. This is a great option for your pets if they are too large or too weak to make it their regular vet clinic. We have relationships with several vet clinics in the area and are more than happy to communicate with your veterinarian if you desire. For trustworthy end of life pet care, reach out to our veterinarians at your earliest convenience.

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