About Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams began serving the north Atlanta area in 2008. Our service area and our staff have grown significantly since then as we continue to offer our end-of-life pet care services! Our staff members are experienced veterinarians and technicians and are hand selected, with compassion and empathy being our most desired quality. Our team members all have pets, have experienced euthanasia with their own pets and know how to help you during this very difficult time. For compassionate in-home pet euthanasia in Atlanta, please reach out to us.

Assisting you with your pet's passing

If your pet has stressful experiences at the vet, then it may be best for us to come do in-home pet euthanasia. We offer a more intimate and peaceful experience that is better suited to both you and your pet's unique needs. We will come to your home and give you the private experience of putting your dog or cat to sleep.

Our Team

Dr. Amy Crowder

Dr. Amy Crowder and Eleanor


Sweet Dreams founder in 2008


Dr. Craig Quinlan and Barnaby


Serving the heart of Atlanta


Dr. Kimberly Franklin and Edie



Dr. Nicole Sutphin and Marlee


Joined Sweet Dreams 2021 after her own loss and personal experience with Sweet Dreams

Dr Trogdon

Dr. Kelly Trogdon & Poppie


Dr Reily

Dr. Megan Reily, Asher & Melanie


Dr Mercier

Dr. Lydia Mercier & Cooper


Dr Akin

Dr. Erin Akin ACVIM (Neurology) & Malcolm 


Dr Hill

Dr. Mary Pat Hill & Rocky


Dr Palmer

Dr. Margaret Palmer & Cooper



Leann and Georgia

Veterinary Assistant

Joined our team in 2021


Bre & Neo

Veterinary Assistant


Blair and Apollo

Veterinary Assistant

Staff Avatar New


Veterinary Assistant

Photo Coming Soon


Kaelyn & Axel

Veterinary Assistant


Paige & Noel

Veterinary Assistant

Victoria Archer Edit


Compassion Care Expert


Jennifer and Edith

Compassion Care Expert

Assisting Sweet Dreams clients on the phone since 2019!


Allison and Korben

Support Services Manager

Assisting Sweet Dreams clients since 2020


Christine Austin and Cooper

Operations and Growth Support Specialist

Joined Sweet Dreams in 2022

Cassie Thorndike Edit

Cassie Thorndike

Technician Supervisor

Serving families in need since 2021

Morgan Cornwell Edit

Morgan Cornwell

Call Center Supervisor


Melissa Daywalt & Moses

COO Sweet Dreams Crematory & Memorial Gardens


Scott and Cooper

Router, Fleet Manager, Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Gentle Treatment

The staff of Sweet Dreams In-Home Pet Euthanasia understand that your pet is a cherished member of your family, which is why we will always treat them with the love and gentleness we would give our own pets. We will be there with you, every step of the way, and we will always offer you support through this difficult time.

Our staff dress in "regular" clothes to eliminate the clinical feel and so that your pet will not know we are a veterinarian and technician. They will just think we are neighbors coming over for a visit. We will arrive in a Honda Odyssey minivan with no markings or identifiers so we will not attract any attention.